Lost Ark Game Guide: How to Start Chaos and Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark

When it comes to the Lost Ark Dungeons, players may know that it belongs to the main endgame activity. A    s players are going to level up their items, they will go to the dungeons frequently. Chaos Dungeons are single-player dungeons that reward players with different kinds of items in Lost Ark. For instance, Lost Ark Engravings, rare currency, and special equipment. While you are allowed to enter in the Chaos Dungeons in limited times. Abyss Dungeons are a team mode and the most useful way to obtain rare accessories to enhance characters’ engravings. Meanwhile, players can choose to buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold to select the best weapons for characters to kill more enemies in the dungeons. 

How to Start Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark

You can unlock Chaos Dungeons when you have completed the main storyline, the Ealyn’s Request questline. Meanwhile, your characters need to reach Level 50. If characters have not reached the limited level, you can try to choose some relevant side quests or explore some dungeons to get some extra XP. After accomplishing the Ealyn questline, you will obtain your first Powerpass and the opportunity to start Chaos Dungeons. 

Just like the Guardian Raids, you can only be allowed to start a Chaos Dungeon if you have maintained the initial item level requirements. If players want to obtain high-level engravings, items for later endgame contents, and high-level equipment to improve your item level. You can start dungeons in several times. 

To access Chaos Dungeons, you can go to find the yellow pedestal in the most major cities of Lost Ark. 

How Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons Function

You can only complete two Chaos Dungeons each day due to the Aura of Resonance system. Players have 100 Aura each day, and accomplishing a Chaos Dungeon costs 50 Aura. So, if you have consumes all Aura one day, you don’t need to complete the Chaos Dungeons, because you will not get any rewards from it. It just wastes your valuable time on questing. 

In addition, the same as Guardian Raids, Chaos Dungeons has its own Rest Meter. Every 50 points of unused Aura of Resonance will be equal to 10 Rest Points. If players want to increase the amount of loot in the later Chaos Dungeon,you can cost 20 Rest Points each time in advance. 

If players are playing with others in the Chaos Dungeons, it will become more difficult to complete. In order to avoid encountering hard mobs and bosses, players need to start Chaos Dungeons alone. 

In spite of level or location, Chaos Dungeons all obey the same rule. There are three phases and a specific objective to accomplish before the limited time. When you are going to clear the objective in the last dungeons, you can reset the timer for the next phase. At the meantime, you have enough time to deal with them. 

How to Start Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark

Abyss Dungeons function differently in Lost Ark. Players should team up with other players for the same goal, which is similar to Guardian Raids. It is about beating a specific set of bosses in this mode. Abyss Dungeons are the main way for players to improve the item level when you reach level 50. You have an opportunity to obtain high-level gear when you complete Abyss Dungeon each time. 

When you complete the main story in Vern, you can start Abyss Dungeons. You can follow the main story questline and complete the Waiting and Leaving quest in the end. And you can only accomplish each dungeon three times each week in Lost Ark. 

Players can obtain good rewards from completing Chaos and Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark. If players need to keep healthy in the exploration of dungeons, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold to buy enough HP Potions to equip them for your characters. 

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