List of Top Solar Module Manufacturers in India

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While the Indian solar market continues to expand at a rapid pace, imports from China and other overseas markets meet the majority of the country’s demand. In addition, in order to reduce imports from foreign vendors, India’s government intends to quickly transition to a more domestically dependent economy (especially China). As a result, more announcements have been made, including an increase in import tariffs on Chinese imports to 40% of the cost of the modules. Import taxes are high, supposedly to support local manufacturers. Therefore, India has many solar manufacturing companies some of them are given below:

List of India’s Top 10 Solar Manufacturers Companies

Some top solar module manufacturers in India are given below:


The Adani Group, India’s largest business conglomerate, has a solar PV manufacturing and EPC division called Adani Solar. Logistics, energy, agriculture, and related businesses are all growing. Adani Solar is India largest vertically integrated solar enterprise providing a diverse variety of photovoltaic goods and services. India’s climate goals and aim of embracing a healthier energy mix are aided by the Company’s position in the solar manufacturing sector.

  • Commissioning of projects with a capacity of more than 250 MW
  • Over 400 MW are currently being built.
  • Solar EPC company with the fastest growing rooftop and distributed solar portfolio.

The cutting-edge technology, which includes machinery and equipment from the best-in-class providers, aims to aid with cost leadership, operational scale, and reliability requirements that meet worldwide benchmarks. Adani Solar has increased its yearly production capacity to 3.5 GW, placing it among the top 15 solar companies in the world.

Jakson Energy Group

Jakson Group began as an electrical trading company in 1947 and has since grown into a diversified energy and infrastructure corporation with experience in distributed energy, solar solutions, and electrical EPC solutions. We employ over 2500 people and have operations in India, SAARC, the Middle East, and Africa.

Diesel generators, gas generators, solar roof top systems, battery energy storage systems, special application generating sets for the defense sector, hybrid solutions, and micro grids are all goods and solutions offered by our Distributed Energy Business. In these places, we have around 50,000 loyal clients who rely on Jakson for their energy solutions.


Vikram Solar Limited (previously Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.) is a global leader in solar energy solutions, specialized in high-efficiency PV module production and turnkey EPC solutions.

  • Modules with high efficiency 2.4gw+ shipped all over the world
  • Complete o&m services for projects with a capacity of 660mw+


Waaree Energies Ltd is the flagship company of the Waaree Group, which was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Its solar PV module manufacturing capacity in Surat and Gujarat is 2 GW, making it the largest in India. Waaree Energies is India’s leading EPC project development firm, specializing in rooftop solutions, solar water pumps, and off-grid power generation. Waaree is available in over 350 sites across the United States and 68 countries across the world.


RenewSys is the world’s first fully integrated manufacturer of solar PV modules and their main components, including encapsulants (EVA and POE), back sheets, and solar PV cells. The ENPEE Group’s renewable energy business, RenewSys, is a diverse worldwide company with a nearly 60-year history of manufacturing excellence.


Tata Power Solar is India’s most reliable and dependable provider of rooftop solar systems. India’s premier integrated solar company, excelling across the solar value chain from cell/module and solar product manufacture to rooftop and utility-scale solar project implementation. The company has been a pioneer in India rooftop sector for more than 30 years having commissioned the first solar installation in 1991 and now having a rooftop system installed base of more than 425 MW.

SWELECT Energy Systems Limited

SWELECT maintains a 140 MW HHV Solar Technologies (HST) production factory in Bangalore that is dust-free, clean-room, and produces world-class PV modules. HST’s product portfolio includes High Quality – High Efficiency Solar PV modules with International Certifications and conformance to BIS & IEC Standards in a variety of power ratings.


Emmvee solar water heating systems, founded in 1992, have evolved to become India’s and maybe Asia’s largest manufacturer of solar water heating systems. It has the highest market share in the distribution of its products under the ‘Solarize’ brand name.


Solar panels from this two-decade-old manufacturer are guaranteed to last for 25 years. Technocrats with decades of technical and business experience are promoting it. A robust R&D team supports an advanced manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.

Loom Solar

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd., situated in Faridabad, Haryana, manufactures Mon perc solar panels and AC modules with a manufacturing capacity of 100 MW. Because of its vast selection of solar panels ranging from 10 watts to 450 watts ultra-high efficiency panels, the company, which began operations in 2018, has become one of India’s fastest-growing solar panel producers.


SAATVIK GREEN ENERGY is the largest solar PV manufacturing facility in North India. From its modern manufacturing facility in Ambala, Haryana, Saatvik manufactures and markets high-quality, high-efficiency solar photovoltaic modules. With a 500 MW annual capacity and the best available technologies such as Lead automation and Jinchen the company offers a wide range of solar PV modules ranging from 40Wp to 380Wp including polycrystalline monocrystalline glass and bifacial modules.

These top 10 solar companies in India are ideal for off-grid/grid-tied applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

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