Licensed Nikah Registrar For Nikah Services

Licensed Nikah Registrar:

 If you need a licensed nikah registrar or a marriage lawyer, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Infractions to this law could result in a sentence of up to one month and a fine of twenty-five thousand rupee fine. Other aspects of the Nikkah that could have legal consequencesRelinquishing of DowerThe power to surrender dower lies with the woman. The woman has the legal right to relinquish or transfer her dower, but it is the person who must make the payment to demonstrate that they did the same. If there is a dispute, the court must verify that the woman who relinquished her dower was acting as a free agent and was not forced to do so, etc. Through the nikah registrar or a marriage lawyer even if the dower is released via an affidavit must be verified by the person it is being reported to.

If Wife Dies:

If the husband dies, and the wife dies, In-laws assert that the dower that was not paid was paid off at the time of the widow’s IDDA (which is four weeks and ten days in the case of widows); however, the Courts might not recognize the claim through nikah registrar or a marriage lawyer. A widow who is grieving may never be in a position to serve as an agent-free to surrender her dower.

Other Gift:

Other GiftsAnything that is given to the bride by her in-laws or parents in the course of the wedding is a bridal gift as well as her rightful property. Jewelry that comes from the girl’s side belongs to her, and jewelry she receives from the boy’s family falls under the category of wedding gifts.

Marriage Lawyer:

Regarding the nikah registrar or a marriage lawyer,           If a promise or commitment that is given by the man to gift to his wife a gift (cash or property) is documented within the Nikah Nama (usually in column 17), she may bring a lawsuit to recover it when the promise or promise is not kept. Mundekhai is a gift for brides. Each time the word “gift” is mentioned, it is part of the individual who was the recipient. This makes it the woman’s property. Clothing, no matter if the woman’s family provided it or if it came from the boy’s family, would also be considered personal property.


 It is generally believed that to be able to enter into an additional marriage, one must get the approval of his first wife. Legally the couple will need to obtain the consent certificate issued by the Arbitration Council. The proper venue for granting permission for polygamous marriages will be that of the Union Council of the residence of the wife who is currently married during the period of application. Even the location is in a different city for nikah registrar or a marriage lawyer.

Chairman Union council:

The application for permission is made along with the prescribed cost to the Chairman Union council (in his capacity as chairman of the Arbitration Council) of the region where the wife is living during the period of application. If multiple wives, the application is submitted by the chairman of the region where the spouse was has been married to last.

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