Learn Karate at SGS Krav Maga

When it comes to learning karate, there are many options available to you. You can choose to learn in a traditional way with the help of a certified instructor or you can opt for a self-preservation program. Either way, you will be able to get a certificate that will prove your expertise with sgskravmaga.com.au

Women’s only lessons

Women’s only lessons at SGS Krav Maga are more than just a fun way to stay fit. These classes also teach women how to recognize dangerous situations and react appropriately. It’s a realistic, safe environment that makes learning self-defense fun.

Founded in 2010 by Steven Gibson, the world-renowned martial artist, this SGS Krav Maga school in southern Sydney is one of the best in the country. Not only does the Krav Maga school offer classes for men, women, and children of all ages, but it also has a curriculum that is endorsed by a leading global organization.

There’s no shortage of fun and exciting things to do when you take a Krav Maga class at Hunter Valley Krav Maga. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday night and you can even sign up for a private session. The facility also offers seminars, fitness classes, and safety equipment.

Open to everyone

The SGS Krav maga is one of the few organizations in the world that offer a plethora of martial arts programs that span the entire gambit from Krav Maga to XTC to karate to adolescent kickboxing to samurai sword. It is also home to a catered and uncatered division that serves the needs of the discerning professional and the aspiring alike. Besides offering the best of the best in the martial arts realm, the organization also offers the best of the best in the corporate training and security industries. From the aforementioned adolescent kickboxing classes to the aforementioned XTC to the aforementioned karate programs, the organization aims to provide the best of the best in a safe and friendly setting. Amongst its apex clients are the likes of Hollywood big names such as George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a slew of uber-wealthy celebrities, whose names I’m sure you’ve heard of in the aforementioned adolescent programs.

Self-preservation and training programs

The SGS Krav Maga self-preservation and training programs are designed to educate and train students to protect themselves in any situation. Regardless of their age, physical condition or skill level, the classes provide a complete self-defense program that prepares students to defend themselves from attackers. In addition to teaching students how to defend themselves, the program also teaches them practical techniques to use in everyday situations.

SGS Krav Maga operates classes seven days a week, and offers a variety of options. Students can choose from classes that focus on developing their cardiovascular and strength fitness, or those that specialize in combat and self-defense. They also offer catered self-defense and training programs for schools, military and corporate clients. Using a curriculum endorsed by Krav Maga Global, SGS Krav Maga gives students a solid foundation for defending themselves.

Instructors’ certificate

An instructors’ certificate is a formal qualification that gives a person the right to teach Krav Maga to students. A person who has received a instructors’ certification can open their own Krav Maga academy or train others. It is a positive way to engage with the community.

Instructors’ certification courses are designed to challenge a candidate physically and mentally. Each level of the Krav Maga curriculum is covered. During the course, a candidate will undergo training and a mock teaching session.

Phase A is a 7 day (56 hour) intensive instructor course that focuses on developing physical skills, teaching methodology, and fundamental knowledge. After completing this course, the candidate is eligible to lead Level 1 and 2 classes.

Phase B expands on the material taught in Phase A and introduces advanced ground fighting techniques. The course concludes with physical and teaching examinations. Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate will be certified to teach Krav Maga.

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