Learn About Different Varieties of Beer Available on the Market

When you ask anyone about the difference between ale and lager then you may get 4 sets of answers.

  • Lager is brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast, whereas ale uses top-fermenting yeast.

This answer is totally misleading at best and is not true.

  • Ale is fermented warm, on the other hand, lager is fermented cold.

This response holds some truth. Most ales ferment between 60 and 75⁰F (16 to 24⁰C), however certain saison strains need temperatures as high as 95 to 100⁰F (35 to 38⁰C) to attenuate completely.

Lagers, on the other hand, typically ferment best between 45- and 55⁰ Fahrenheit (7 to 13⁰ Celsius), while they are perfectly capable of doing so.

  • Lagers undergo a very special cold-conditioning phase, however, ales do not.

Although this process is more frequently linked with the production of lager beer than with the production of ale, lager brewers are by no means the only owners of cold conditioning.

  • Strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae are used to ferment ales, whereas Saccharomyces pastorianus is used to ferment lagers.

This is the key distinction between ales and lagers, if there is to be any.

Indian lager is now produced by Rupee Beer which was designed and crafted by a world-famous master beer brewer and an award-winning Indian chef.

What is pale ale?

Usually, pale ales are hoppy but have lower alcohol than IPAs. Most pale ale may include:

  • English pale ale
  • American pale ale
  • Blonde ale
  • American amber ale

All these are medium-bodied and malty that is easy to drink.

What is a pilsner?

Beer that come from the Czech Republic are classified as lagers. While Czech pilsners are slightly darker and have more bitterness, German pilsners have a crisp flavor and a pale gold hue.

What is a stout beer?

Stouts are dark beers that vary in flavor depending on where they are produced. The majority of sweet stouts come from Ireland and England, and they are distinguished by their mild bitterness. In fact, some of the most known stout beers in the world are made by Ireland’s Guinness brand.

What is a porter?

Because they frequently contain additives like chocolate or some other dark-roasted malts, traditional porters, which have their origins in the United Kingdom, have a dark color similar to stouts. Compared to stouts, porters typically taste more like chocolate and less like coffee.

What is Belgian beer?

Belgian beer varieties include fruity beers, sour ales, dark ales, and pale ales. Belgian-style beers are typically described as having fruity, spicy, and sweet characteristics with a high alcohol level and mild bitterness by Webstaruant Store, a provider of equipment and information for restaurants, bars, and other places.

What is wheat beer?

Wheat is the primary source of malt in wheat beers, which gives the brew a light color and low alcohol content that making it ideal for relaxing in the summer and pairing with fruit like a slice of lemon or orange.

What is sour beer?

Sour beer combine sweet and sour flavors in a way that is entirely different from the lagers and IPAs of the past by adding fruits like cherry, raspberry, or peach.

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