Leak Detection Systems: A Vital Tool

Leak Detection Systems

Property damage caused by leaking pipes in Australia totals billions per year. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there is an average claim for water damage insurance of $10,234. This is true for major cities in Australia, such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne etc.

There are a variety of causes for water damage, many of which are hard to foresee. Sagging ceilings and damaged insulation might be the result of a broken hot water tank, tiny leak in copper piping, leak in an under-the-counter sink faucet or freeze-up in a pipe. Fortunately, water damage may be avoided. Installing a system for leak detection in Brisbane is simple. Your house’s water supply will be switched off if a leak detecting system detects an abnormality in the flow of water through the pipes in your home. As a homeowner, you deserve to know that your house is safe from catastrophic damage and jaw-dropping repair costs thanks to leak detection systems.

What Is the Purpose of a Leak Detector?

A leak detecting system monitors pipeline flow. Water is switched off to all residents of a home when a leak detector detects abnormal behaviour. In most cases, leak detection devices are placed at the point where water enters the house. A water shut-off valve may be installed in every water-using appliance or fixture in your house to prevent catastrophic and costly damage. Any time there’s an increase in water use in the home, a leak detection system will alert the problem. This includes toilet flappers becoming blocked or tubs running for too long. Programmable leak detection systems allow you to adjust shut-off times depending on your household’s water use. They also have an app that connects to your smartphone and informs you about abnormal water flow.

You can monitor your water use in real-time, thanks to the Wi-Fi connection of most leak detection devices. Even if intelligent valves on the leak detection systems halt the flow of water quickly if they detect flooding, the real-time tracking provides valuable information about your household’s water use. The data from several leak detectors may be seen both in real-time and in the app’s history. By examining this information, you can see when your water use is at its maximum and which appliances or fixtures are to blame. When pipes are at risk of freezing, leak detection devices may also alert you to the problem.

For What Purpose Is a Leak-Detection System Necessary?

One of the most frequent and most expensive damages to homes occurs when a leak is not detected in time. It is more probable that a plumbing leak may cause damage to your house than fire, lightning, or robbery. Over $10 billion is paid out in insurance claims every year due to plumbing leaks in 8.1 per cent of houses in Brisbane. Water leaks waste 10,000 gallons of water in the typical Australian home annually. As simple as a blocked toilet flapper or an under-sink leak in your guest bathroom might be the root of these problems.


Water damage and mould go hand in hand. It’s important to know that mould may offer significant health hazards. An allergic reaction is exacerbated by mould, which may cause sneezing, runny noses, and skin rashes. Inhaling mould spores might trigger asthma episodes for people with severe mould allergies. Many people in Brisbane suffer from mould allergies. Therefore, installing a system for leak detection in Brisbane is essential. Mould exposure poses a particular danger to young children, babies and toddlers, the elderly, and persons with pre-existing medical issues. Over time, even little leaks beneath the counter may lead to the growth of mould if they are not fixed.

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