Krunal Pandya, Wife and Baby In First TV Interview

Krunal Pandya, the Indian cricketer who was arrested and charged with rape last month, made his first TV interview this week. In it, he discusses his wife and child, and how he’s coping with the situation. The interview is a stark contrast to the way in which Krunal has been portrayed in the media – as a sinister figure who would do anything to win.

Krunal Pandya, Wife and Baby In First TV Interview

Krunal Pandya wife and baby were interviewed for the first time on national television on Monday. Ms. Pandya, who is two months pregnant, spoke to news channel NDTV about her husband’s return to the international scene and their future plans. The couple married in December last year and have yet to reveal the name of the baby.

Krunal Pandya: cricketing prodigy turned husband and father

Krunal Pandya is one of the most celebrated cricketers in the world. And now, he is also a husband and a father. In an interview with TV channel NDTV, Krunal opened up about his journey from cricketing prodigy to husband and father.

“I was really looking forward to it. It has been a smooth process,” Krunal said about becoming a father. He added, “It has been great to see my little boy grow.”

Krunal and his wife Pankhuri Sharma welcomed their little boy in January this year. The couple had decided to keep the baby’s name under wraps until he was born. “We wanted our little boy to have her privacy during his early days,” Pankhuri Sharma said in the interview.

Krunal credits his wife for helping him adjust to being a dad. “She has been very supportive since we got married,” he said. “She has helped me tremendously in terms of parenting.”

Krunal Pandya:

Krunal Pandya, the allrounder who was recently married and has a newborn baby, has given his first television interview. Here is a roundup of some key points from the chat:

– Krunal Pandya is over the moon to be married and has already started planning for his honeymoon. Asked about his thoughts on being a father, he says it is an “amazing experience”.

– The couples’ wedding was small and private, with just close family and friends in attendance. Asked about her husband’s cricketing future, his wife says she is “happy for him whichever way he chooses to go”.

– Krunal Pandya and his wife have been living in Bangalore since their marriage last month. Asked whether they will be moving back to Mumbai soon, Krunal Pandya’s wife says that they are still “trying to figure out our lives” post-marriage.

Krunal Pandya’s Wife Pankhuri Sharma Shares First Photo of Baby

Krunal Pandya’s Wife Pankhuri Sharma Shares First Photo of Baby

Krunal Pandya’s wife Lakshmi has shared the first photo of their baby on social media. The photo shows Pankhuri Sharma and her husband holding their newborn son. “Welcome to the world, our little prince!” she captioned the photo. After that Manish Pandey with his wife went to see the baby and congratulate the couple. 

Krunal Pandya: From Cricket Player to Indian Cricketer to No. ODI Bowler

Krunal Pandya is known for his batting and bowling skills. In an interview with a television channel, Krunal Pandya talked about his life post-cricket and his wife and newborn baby.

Krunal Pandya was one of the most successful cricketers in India. He represented Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and played for India in various international tournaments. He retired from cricket in February 2018 after playing 34 matches for India.

Now, Krunal is focused on his new career as a father and husband. In an interview with a television channel recently, Krunal spoke about his life post-cricket and his wife and newborn baby.

He said, “I think my biggest achievement now would be being a good father and husband. I am really looking forward to spending quality time with my family.” Krunal’s wife Pankhuri also spoke about her husband’s transition from cricket player to father. Pankhuri said, “It has been a tough journey for him but I am glad that he is finally able to enjoy his time with us now.”

What are the speculation around Krunal Pandya’s wife and baby?

The speculation about Krunal Pandya’s wife and baby is that they are newlyweds. Krunal Pandya had been absent from the cricketing world since his wife’s pregnancy was announced in March 2018. Since then, there have been a number of reports speculating on whether the couple is married or not. There have also been reports that they are expecting their first child.

More about Krunal Pandya and his wife Pankhuri Sharma

Krunal Pandya and his wife Pankhuri Sharma have given their first television interview together. The couple, who married in December 2018, talked about how they met, the decision to get married, and the adjustment to married life. They also shared their joy at becoming parents for the first time.

Interview with Aishwarya Pandya

Krunal Pandya and wife Pankhuri Sharma have made their first TV interview since the birth of their baby. Speaking to SET Max, the couple shared some interesting insights about their son and what they hope for him.

“We are really happy. We are enjoying our time with our son. We hope he grows up to be a good person,” said Pankhuri. “We are very supportive of each other.”

The couple also opened up about how they deal with criticisms online. Krunal says that they ignore trolls and focus on their family and friends. “We try not to pay attention to the negativity because it doesn’t matter,” he said.

The couple is excited to start their own family and is looking forward to growing old together. “I am so blessed to have him as my husband and fatherhood has been a dream come true,” said Pankhuri.


Krunal Pandya, the husband of Pankhuri Sharma, a TV actress, has given his first television interview in six months. Speaking to NDTV, Krunal said he was “proud” of his wife and praised her for handling the media scrutiny that comes with being a high-profile woman. Krunal also revealed that she is breastfeeding their baby son and thanked all the supporters who had sent him messages of support. This is an incredibly positive development for both Krunal and Pankhuri, who have been through a lot in the last few months.

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