Know Law on Child and Wife Maintenance a month

Law of Child and Wife Maintenance a month:

 If you wish to understand the law of child maintenance in Pakistan or wife maintenance a month, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Unlawfully in making the demand for its payment even after its recovery may have become barred law for child maintenance in Pakistan or wife maintenance a month.

Persistent Refusal:

 The consequence of the market and persistent refusal by the husband to pay does not have to be simply ignored. They will be pretty distinct from the dower debt itself. They may well be available to be used by the wife as a ground for dissolution of marriage because non-payment of dower money would amount to preventing the wife from exercising her legal rights over her property and would squarely fall within sub-clause. (d) Of clause (VIII) of Section 2 of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939, the ensuing consequences may well be covered by sub-clause (a) thereof.


Dower is paid by the husband to the wife to acquire this religious merit, and secondly, to discharge a debt or duty towards the wife. It is why in common parlance, we call it ‘Haq-e-Mehr. It, therefore, seems that Dower cannot be called Hiba-bl-Etwas, without doing violence to the institution in addition to child maintenance in Pakistan or wife maintenance a month. It is a misnomer. That the Dower is an obligation for the wife’s consent to Nikah is apparent because it may become due in some instances, even without consummation. It is payable even if it has not been specified at the time of Nikah, and, further, it is expected to the wife herself. A dower debt or its satisfaction through transferring house in favor of lady deserves a more pragmatic approach than mere words of mouth before a witness or two, and more substantial evidence like transfer deed is expected.

Child Maintenance in Pakistan:

Regarding the child maintenance in Pakistan or wife maintenance a month the lady did not even affirm such a deed, and she failed to prove it by secondary evidence, finding the court that it did not transfer the house to a lady by way of Hiba bil Ewaz is unexceptionable. Dower is a debt, and unless it is waived by the wife wither her free will and consent, it remains payable to her under Islamic Law. It can recover it from the assets left by the husband of the wife after his death. The right of retention husband’s property instead of dower debt arises for the first time termination of the marriage either by the husband’s death or by divorce.

child maintenance in Pakistan:

Still, there is no such right during the continuous marriage for child maintenance in Pakistan or wife maintenance a month. Therefore, various amounts paid husband-wife during the marriage should not be presumed to have been made instead of Dower.

Refused pay:

The husband refused to pay prompt Dower to the wife on-demand necessary legal implication for non-payment of Dower would but the husband be duty-bound to maintain his wife during the period of separation. She is justified to live separately. Service of notice on the Chairman of the Union Council concerned is a condition precedent for the assumption of jurisdiction for constituting an Arbitration Council. Rule 3(b) of w.P. Pakistan Rules under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 for child maintenance in Pakistan or wife maintenance a month envisaged that Chairman concerned would mean the Union Council of Union.

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