Is Unreal Engine the Right Fit for Your Project? Make Sure You Don’t Waste Resources


Do you know that choosing the proper tech stack can save money and time on game development? In a decent desire to provide game developers with best-in-breed tools and technical capabilities, some entrepreneurs still may opt for less suitable options. Thus, the Unreal Engine is one of those highly advanced tools that not everyone actually needs.

So, how do you know if Unreal Engine (UE) is the right or not for exactly your kind of project? Let’s look under the hood and learn more about Unreal game development, the software capabilities, and the purposes of its use.  

The Actual Mission of Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is an end-to-end game-building software allowing users to perform all game development steps under one roof. Theoretically, it can be used to create any game, such as 2D, 3D, AAA, mobile games, etc. However, UE’s technical capabilities are designed for particular projects. You are welcome to explore the most popular types below. 

Game Development for Desktop/Consoles

When looking at the list of the most famous games made with Unreal Engine, it’s hard to find a decent amount of mobile games there. The reason is that the primary programming language used in UE for development, C++, is designed to create large software infrastructures. Since mobile games should be kept in small file sizes, UE will be too much for small-scale projects. 

Hyper-Realistic Game Development

Any programming language has its powers and limitations. C++, along with advanced content creation tools, mainly used in Unreal, offers developers extended capabilities for hyper-realistic graphics design. 

For instance, real-time motion tracking features make it possible to perform top-notch animation with actual actors filming. And the new MetaHuman creator feature allows crafting true-to-life human-like characters and personal avatars. So, the full-scale use of UE can result in making such an impressive game that it could eclipse some Hollywood blockbusters.

XR-Based Game Development

A robust development environment for creating impressive XR experiences is Unreal’s forte. With lots of SDKs as well as partnering platforms like Oculus and HoloLens, it’s easy to perform such kinds of projects. Once you visit any reliable game development company’s website like, you can observe that a significant number of AR/VR games in their portfolios were developed with Unreal Engine.

Blockchain Game Development for Metaverses

Many blockchain games with NFT and play-to-earn economy aim for use on mobile platforms. However, the development of metaverse games is an utterly different case. Since metaverse experience involves desktop and AR/VR platforms, the most remarkable blockchain games are usually created with Unreal Engine. In addition, there are specific blockchain plugins to buy at the UE marketplace for smoother integration of this technology.

What’s Better to Choose for Small-Scale Gaming Projects?

In case you are planning on mobile, 2D, or low-poly game development, the best choice would be Unity. This software is similar to Unreal Engine, yet it’s designed for handling less complex and large-scale projects. 

So, how can you save money choosing Unity for mobile/2D game development instead of Unreal Engine? This isn’t direct, and the case is not about comparing membership prices since UE is free to use until your project hits over $1m. On the other hand, Unity doesn’t charge its users if there’s no $100k revenue in the last 12 months. 

Yet, with the primary use of a programming language, C#, the development process doesn’t require spending extra time, hiring more experienced developers, and paying them higher wages. This approach will help you save tons of material and human resources while still getting excellent results.


At the stage of preparation for project realization, choosing the right tech stack is crucial. Unreal Engine is a powerful multi-tool with great potential for game development of a large scale, such as AR/VR, hyper-realistic, metaverse, and desktop/console games with detailed graphics. 

On the other hand, opting for Unity for mobile, 2D, and casual low-poly game development can save you a significant share of resources that you could use more efficiently. Anyways, if you have an experienced team by your side, they will take care of making appropriate decisions for the good of your business.

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