Is PMP Certification Beneficial in Construction Project Management?

Construction Project Management can get confused with construction management sometimes. The two of them do share some similar objectives like completing projects on schedule and within the estimated budget, however, that is where the similarity ends. Construction project management is much more elaborate than just overseeing and managing a team on a construction site. It involves taking the construction organization’s overall objectives into consideration while still trying to complete the project within the allocated budget and schedule. Unlike a construction manager who is more of a supervisor on the construction location, a construction project manager has multiple responsibilities.

In 2016, the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide of the Project Management Institute (PMI) launched the Construction Extension to the PMBOK Guide to allow project managers in the construction industry to learn about the guidelines specific to construction project management. The PMI which is the global authority in project management recommends following the guidelines mentioned in their official manual for aspiring construction project managers. Learning about these guidelines and earning a PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification will be highly beneficial for individuals who want to work in the construction sector.

Here are some benefits of earning a PMP Certification in Construction Project Management:

  • PMP Certification, in general, is highly valuable and is recognized across a majority of industries from manufacturing to finance. Earning this prestigious credential to work in the construction sector will not only help aspiring construction project managers to excel in completing projects successfully but they will be made aware of the construction-specific guidance.
  • With the help of the Construction Extension to the PMBOK Guide, aspiring construction project managers can learn about the various individual processes of construction and manage them properly.
  • Earning a PMP credential and following the guidebook, will ensure that construction project management aspirants are aware of the latest construction industry trends. They can learn about the global construction industry and the industry best practices used by existing PMPs.
  • PMI also hosts several webinars and meetings to help aspiring construction project managers gain thorough knowledge about the construction industry from the existing construction project managers. It also allows networking with thousands of experienced project management practitioners around the world.
  • Gaining a PMP Certification will allow construction project management aspirants to enrich themselves with the various resources available online or physically through PMI membership.


The answer to the question: ‘Is PMP Certification Beneficial in Construction Project Management?’ is – Yes, it is highly beneficial. Being a project management practitioner will earn you respect and recognition in the project management industry no matter what the sector is. As a construction project manager, you will learn to manoeuvre through the daily construction operation with adequate knowledge and proficiency. Expert guidance provided through verified training and certification institutions will help you use the learnings in practice. With gradual experience, while working in the construction industrial sector you can even get better job opportunities and earn a better salary for yourself.

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