Is Nikahanama a Legal Document in Polygamy?

Is Nikahanama a Legal Document in Polygamy?

Advocate Jamila, an expert of family and divorce lawyer in Lahore, says that for your question that is nikahanama a legal document in polygamy, the answer is yes the nikahnama is a legal document in case of polygamy or no polygamy. Q: Another Hindu friend entered the dialogue and wrote: I am not a Muslim. I am simply trying to understand Islam. I apologize in advance if I insult your religion or race in any manner, shape, or form.

Muslim scholars:

According to several Muslim scholars, the reasons for men to have multiple wives are: If his first wife is barren; or e Man needs love when women have periods, or In case of war when there is a severe imbalance in men/women ratio. If these are valid reasons for men to have multiple wives, then can a woman have multiple husbands, if: Her husband is barren; or When her husband is far away (like a navy soldier or traveling salesman); Where the population of men exceeds women and is nikahanama a legal document in such cases?

bad idea:

 You also have a right to know what I think. I believe monogamy is a Western idea. It works well at present. I don’t think polygamy itself is a bad idea. But it is more misused under the guise of religion. Here we have two choices: Make polygamy legal through a divorce lawyer in Lahore or Pakistan. Then you should also make it legal for a woman to have multiple husbands. You should also control it so that it is not misused. Adopt monogamy.  

Question Related to the Islam:

A; This question [or any other] that seeks to understand an issue never amounts to the insult of Islam or our race. Everybody is free to ask such questions whenever they have some in mind. The question you have posed is one: why polygamy in Islam, and if so, why for men alone, and is nikahanama a legal document in case of polygamy even for females if they marry through a divorce lawyer in Lahore, Pakistan? We shall answer this question in points so that nothing remains ambiguous, as possible; 1) Polygamy was unlimited in human societies when the Quran was revealed.

Different restriction:

 Therein a restriction was imposed that a man cannot take more than four wives at a time. It is also expressly advised that better stay content with one wife if equitable treatment was not possible. It is thus clear that polygamy is not generally liked nor encouraged. It is only permitted and legalized, Yet, as God Himself has given this permission, no other authority can withdraw it and nikahanama a legal document if registered through a family or divorce lawyer in Lahore 2) In the Islamic system? Man as husband and father is the bread-earner, caretaker and spender, whereas women have no financial liability.

The occasion when polygamy was permitted coincided with a situation that there were widows with orphan children and babies. The men were thus advised that if they cannot/or do not wish to take responsibility for supporting such widows and their children otherwise, they should better marry them so that they become their legal responsibility. However, the permission to take more wives is not restricted to that one specific reason or mode.  

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