Is Motorcycle Insurance on a Pay-Per-Mile Basis Right For You?

There is nothing quite like riding a motorcycle along a highway for many bikers. Even though your motorcycle is your major mode of transportation, this does not imply that this is the case. There are many bikers who don’t get the chance to ride their bikes as much as they want. Many motorcycle owners are forced into paying exorbitant insurance rates even if they are only able to ride their motorcycle for a few short kilometres each month. This is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the situation. For those who frequently find themselves in this circumstance, pay-per-mile motorbike insurance may be a better option than a normal policy. Learn more about how these regulations function and how they may benefit you by reading on.

What Is Pay-As-You-Go Motorcycling Insurance?

Rather than paying a set monthly insurance fee, Pay By Mile Motorcycle Insurance allows you to pay only for the time you actually spend on the road. In certain cases, the amount of miles you travel each month will be established by sending photos of your odometer at the beginning of each month or by using a plug-in device that measures the mileage and provides this information to your insurance carrier.

Why acquire pay-as-you-drive insurance for your motorcycle?

You should only buy what you really need: No one like having to pay for something that they don’t use or require. But if you have a standard motorbike insurance policy, you may be doing just that. It is significantly more flexible, inexpensive, and tailored than a typical policy that requires you to pay regardless of whether or not you ride.

Having options: A pay-as-you-drive policy does not entail a lower level of coverage. Pay-per-mile plans include the same wide range of coverage options and limits as standard plans.

It’s simple to get started with: Insurance customers won’t be required to use a sophisticated app or install a physical mile-tracking gadget on their bikes, as is the case with pay-per-mile vehicle insurance. To participate, simply take a picture of your odometer once a month.

What Is the Difference Between Pay-Per-Mile and Lay-Up Insurance?

Lay-up insurance is the traditional method of ensuring automobiles that are frequently driven on a seasonal basis. Pay-per-mile insurance does cover you while you’re on the road, but this policy does not. There are no additional benefits provided by lay-up coverage, but it does provide you with complete insurance should your car be stolen or otherwise damaged while parked or stored. Taking your motorcycle out on an unusually mild winter day necessitates contacting your insurance carrier and reactivating full coverage. With pay-as-you-drive insurance, this is not the case.

Do Pay-Per-Mile Insurance Policies Provide Enough Protection?

For the same amount of coverage as a standard insurance policy, pay-per-mile insurance can be purchased. It is only when you are driving that you pay for the insurance. As a result, pay-per-mile policies are best suited to those who spend only a few hours a week driving. 

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How Many Miles Per Year Do You Need to Ensure Your Motorcycle?

Determine whether or not you can save money by taking advantage of pay-per-mile insurance coverage by keeping track of your average monthly mileage. The insurance provider will be able to do an exact comparison between the cost of a regular motorbike coverage and a pay-per-mile policy if you provide them with an accurate estimate of how many miles you drive each month.

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