Is It Safe to Get A Tattoo in Thailand

Tattoo in Thailand

Tattoo Safety in Thailand Explained

Tattooing is done around the world, and while there are different experiences and regulations in every country, it is safe to get a tattoo in most places. Tattoos in Thailand are safe, and traditional tattooing practices are still in use today. Some places, like Inked Machine, even offer a mixed experience of traditional bamboo tattooing and modern techniques popular in countries like Australia. 

Best Places to Get Tattoos in Thailand

Thailand has a lower standard for the hygiene standards that are enforced in tattoo studios, and they use some traditional techniques that are very different from the more modern approaches in other countries. Often, they do not require licensing or registering of the shops, and they are trained through an apprentice system which allows for each individual to have their own approach and safety standards. When deciding to go ahead with a tattoo while in Thailand, check the space first. Some are in open spaces that allow an easy view of the work that is being done, and their hygiene practices can be observed before deciding to get a new tattoo. With a traditional bamboo tattoo, the bamboo stalk is sharpened and used to apply the ink to the skin, and between customers, it is sharpened to remove the outer layer. There may not be sanitization between clients. However, some will use a new piece each time and discard the last, which is a safe approach and protects each individual. Studios that use more modern techniques may have the same processes as other countries, with gloves for each new customer, masking when needed, and single-use needles that are disposed of each time. With such a wide range of training and procedures, it is important to check the studio before deciding where to get your new ink. To find the best location for a tattoo, decide first if you are looking for a traditional bamboo tattoo or if you want a modern approach. They will have a difference visually, and the procedures can seem quite different. Bamboo tattoos are often traditional in design as well and are the most sought-after tattoos for visitors in the area. During the tattoo festival, there are several spaces available, and many people will attend a tattoo of local significance. Several of the area beaches offer tattooing on the beach, and this can be a safe practice as long as swimming is completed before the tattoo rather than after. Studios that are local to larger cities can have similar practices to other countries, and it is easy to visit them and determine if it feels and looks safe and clean before requesting your tattoo. Select one that feels comfortable, and that has safety measures in place, such as clean gloves for each client and a fresh needle and ink. Reusing these items and a lack of sanitization are the biggest risks to avoid.

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