Introduction to SQL MySQL


”SQL stands for Structured Query Language ·” It is the most popular language for extorting and organizing data that is collected in a relational database. A database is a table that consists of columns and rows. SQL is the database’s language. It promotes retrieving detailed information from databases that are moreover used for interpretation.

SQL commands a huge volume of data, particularly if there is a bunch of data written simultaneously. Also, there are too many data transactions and activities. 

There are several versions and frameworks structures for SQL; the most commonly utilized is MySQL. MySQL is an open-source solution that supports and facilitates SQL’s leading back-end data for web forms.

I perceive everyone must have Questions from what is MySQL? and what is difference between SQL and MySQL we will discuss this also in the brief.

Companies such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., all use SQL for back-end data storage and processing solutions. When an SQL query is written & execute or run (or parsed), it is used to process by a query optimizer. The query transfers the SQL server and compiles it in 3 phases; Parsing, Binding, and Optimization.


Parsing – This is a process that helps to check the syntax

Binding – This is a process that helps to check the query semantics

Optimization – This is a process that helps to generate the query execution plan

The last step is about all possible permutations, including combinations are formed to find the most effective query execution plans in a reasonable time. The lower the query takes, the more reliable it is.

Python and SQL sometimes are interlinked, in that Use SQL to collect the essential data needed for the analysis, also then use specialized Python library to processed it, and so, if someone have the knowledge of python libraries can easily do the career in the SQL, also not necessary you have the knowledge about what is python and how its work; it is additional benefit to work on the SQL.

We think that the most suitable place to commence is by learning SQL. SQL is a fundamental tool for retrieving data from relational databases, even if your initial job has tiny or nothing to do with data interpretation.

Even if the SQL query is ten times larger than the equivalent Python script, it feels easier to do than doing the equivalent in Python because it is like reading English. Remember, learning is more difficult than typing and takes more time.

Once you know SQL, you can at least write a query that joins two tables together and strive to rewrite some of that same logic in Python using Pandas.


What is SQL used for?

Now that we understand what SQL is and how it works let’s see what SQL can do. This programming language has several uses to data analysts & data science experts. It is especially important because it can:

  • Perform and execute queries upon a database
  • Retrieve wanted data from a database
  • Delete records from a database
  • Update records in a database
  • Create a new database, or new tables in a database
  • Create, stored the procedures & views in a database
  • Set permissions on tables, procedures, & views
  • Insert records into a database

Assume how tough the world would be if we didn’t have a way to manage the database in this format. So, after getting a judgment of what SQL is managed for, let’s try our skills at learning SQL on the same database

MySQL is an open-source relational database management method. Its name is a mixture of “My,” the co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter, and “SQL,” the brief for Structured Query Language.

Before that, let’s find out how does MySQL works

MySQL generates a database for collecting, storing, and manipulating data, describing the relationship of each table.

Clients can obtain requests by typing specific SQL statements on MySQL.

The server application will react with the demanded information, and it will resemble on the clients’ side.

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The SQL server is much more stable and secure than the MySQL server in terms of data security. In SQL, external methods (alike third-party applications) can’t access or manipulate the data quickly. While in MySQL, one can manipulate or change the database records throughout run time utilizing binaries.

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