Internet Speed Classifications for Students

Internet Speed

Almost every internet provider uses the fastest internet speed as their major selling point. And you are the one paying these sellers higher bills for their promised speed. This means that internet speed is the main element of internet service providers.

If you are a student, don’t forget that this is also the same thing you are not happy with. Besides studying, every student usesthe internet to check social media, connect with their loved ones, play games online, and stream favorite shows on the weekend. But if your internet plan does not allow you to do so, paying hefty internet bills is nothing but an exercise in futility. To help you in this regard, this article covers everything you need to know about internet speeds.

What Is Internet Speed?

If I have to describe internet speed using one word only then bandwidth is the answer. But what does it mean exactly? In simple words, your assigned bandwidth means that the total volume of data transmitted in a specific time period is your internet speed. This amount of data is generally calculated in seconds.

So, if your internet service provider mentioned a number, let’s assume 10 Mbps, then what does this has to do with your internet speed? This means that you can get 10 megabits of data each second.

Fast Internet Speeds

For students, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable internet both offer fast internet speed. Where the DSL offers around 128 kbps to 35 Mbps speed, cable internet easily offers a speed rangeof 10to 500 Mbps.One important thing to know here is that these internet speeds are not always the same. They vary during different time periods.

Although DSL and cable internets are both good internet speed options but they are still not the best options.

The World of Fastest Internet Speed

The advent of fiber optic technology has put an end to the competition in the fastest internet category. With symmetrical internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps, you can download and upload at the best internet speed irrespective of the total number of devices connected to the internet. Not to mention the best speed for streaming with absolutely zero hindrances.

Speed Test

If you are still not sure what exact internet speed you should get, then don’t worry! It is not an easy thing to do particularly because there are multiple factors that you need to consider like usage patterns, the total number of devices connected, etc. Butto save your time, we have an easy solution—simply visit your browser’s web pageand type “internet speed testing tools” to conduct a quick speed test and better understand your needs.

Once you get the results, you can easily choose the best internet service provider that perfectly matches your internet connection requirements!

But if you are a student living in some rural area, it is hard for you to find a good service provider in your area. In this case, make a list of top rural ISPs in America and then choose the one with the fastest internet at rates easily affordable for you.

Best ISPs for Students

There are several ISPs running the best deals for students nationwide but only a few offer amazing plans at competitive prices and with excellent customer service. One such provider is Metronet which offers the best internet plans for students. Plus, MetroNet customer support provides exclusive services for students including “how to self-install your Metronet services (students only)”!

There You Are

Now that you have the basic idea about internet speeds and criteria for choosing the best provider, we hope you make the right choice, Good Luck! Read more about Internet Speed Meter Lite for PC

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