In-N-Out Menu Items That Are Detrimental to Your Health

In-N-Out Menu Items That Are Detrimental to Your Health

Most doctors will tell you that if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you ought to minimize your visits to fast-food joints. But that’s hard advice to follow, especially when you’re lucky enough to have an In-N-Out location near you. You might end up thanking your luck stars you don’t live in the East Coast.

But the advice is actually helpful, as plenty of fast-food menu items are just bad for your health. If you’re at an In-N-Out, the following orders are among the worst options you can pick:

Animal Style

In-N-Out is famous for allowing diners to go with the “Animal Style” for the burgers and fries. This style means getting all the fixings with your burger, and also getting the special secret sauce on the burger. The fries can also be slathered with this secret sauce.

It may not seem all that much of a difference to merely add a sauce to these menu items, but that’s not exactly true. You’re also adding a lot more calories to your tally, which isn’t desirable when you’re determined to lose a few pounds. You’re also adding a lot more fat along the way.

So, do yourself a favor and go regular instead of Animal Style.


This is the largest burger in the Not So Secret Menu at In-N-Out, and it’s seriously difficult to eat without getting messy. It’s a huge, tall burger, and you better hope you can really open your moth wide to get a real bite out of this. You might even appreciate the whopping 68g of protein that can help you build bigger muscles.

You start with a freshly baked bun with a spread, a large slice of tomato and a bed of lettuce, and you can get onions as well. The name of this item is due to how it comes with both 4 patties along with 4 slices of American cheese.

As you’d expect, it’s a heavy item. It loads you up with 1,050 calories to start with, and that really doesn’t help you to even maintain your weight. What’s more, you get a heaping 2,320mg of sodium. That’s just too much salt, even for those who aren’t worried about their blood pressure. Eat this often enough, and you’ll surely end up with hypertension issues.

And if that’s not enough, you also get 34g of saturated fat, along with 11g of sugar. All in all, that’s just a list of dietary catastrophes.


Yes, that means 3 patties with the 3 slices of American cheese. Sure, leaving off one patty and one slice of cheese may reduce the damage to your health, and you still get 52g of protein. But this is still bad for your health, not to mention still hard to bite into.

You’re still getting 860 calories with just this single item, along with 1,880mg of sodium that will most likely get you overboard with your daily sodium intake. Again, the fat content is quite high, including the 26g of saturated fat. Add the 11g of sugar, and it’s a dietary nightmare that your doctor just won’t approve of.

Double Double

This is one of the most popular items at In-N-Out. With just 2 patties, it’s not hard to bite into it, and the 2 slices of cheese doesn’t overpower the flavors of the other fixings all that much. So, it shouldn’t be all that bad, right?

Well, it’s still not healthy at all, since you’re getting 670 calories. What’s more, the 1,440mg of sodium isn’t doing your blood pressure a lot of good. You’re still getting 18g of saturated fat with 10g of sugar.

Yes, the 37g of protein is nice. But it doesn’t outweigh the negative effects of the high levels of calories, sodium, and saturated fat.

Chocolate Shake

Yes, you only pay $2.50 for a milkshake, but you’re not counting the costs to your health. All the milkshake flavors actually contain rather similar levels of calories, with the vanilla coming in at 570 calories. The chocolate shake contains 580 calories, and the strawberry option actually contains the most calories at 590 calories.

So, why are we singling out the chocolate shake as the worst of a bad bunch? That’s because it contains the most salt at 400mg of sodium. You’re not doing yourself any favors with the 18g of saturated fat, and you’re really risking your svelte figure and blood pressure with the 65g of sugar.

Keep in mind that men should limit their added sugar daily intake to only 36g of sugar, while for women the limit is even lower at 24g of sugar. That puts the 65g of sugar into proper perspective, doesn’t it?

If you decide to ignore the hazards because you’re determined to satisfy your sweet tooth, then at least keep the size order small. But you’re better off just leaving this option off your order list.

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