Improve office space and productivity with ergonomic LCD monitor arm

LCD Arms has revolutionized the world of monitors through decades of research and testing, including flawless design and state-of-the-art ergonomic inventions to preserve valuable workspace and improve performance for sim racing triple monitor curved or flat

The main LCD hand comes in handles of various lengths, sometimes placed on a pole, and can always be placed on a table or wall. On one end of this arm is a VESA adapter plate designed to hold all VESA monitors (most monitors are VESA compliant). Depending on the product and model, some may include hand-held mice and keyboard mounts or multiple monitors. All equipment provides a lot of movement on your desk or floor with a noticeable small step.

Why Ergonomics?

As most of us remember, technology was advancing at an amazing pace, and the results were significant: we could put people on the moon, we could put a whole base of music in our back pockets, And they could put accessories in their cars. . So we don’t have to ask for another direction.

Unfortunately, those who interact with our technical equipment often pay the price for progression with yellow eyes, pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Introduce the concept of ergonomics – human-to-machine adaptation. Ergonomic products are designed to improve the interface between technology and human form. Ergonomics is the identification of the physical point of stress and then using modern design to reduce or eliminate this stress.

Why an LCD tool? Space management

Surveillance devices find the greatest value in space management as a whole. From classrooms to dental offices, from the stock market to the home office, space is always at a high level, and it is important to manage this space effectively. The LCD hand or pool mount provides a complete picture of the positive image of the monitor and almost eliminates the monitor mark on the table. In some cases, the hand itself should hold up to 3 inches.


A typical LCD hand has three races, each boasting a 360-degree rotation. The hand can be adjusted up and down, left and right, in the joint between the monitor and the hand, with additional articulation and rotation. At the same time, the multi-functional, FLEXmount system offers six mounting options, including via desktop bolts and worktops and wall mount gromat clamps.

Ease of use

Most clamps, bolts and buttons are used to adjust most of the monitor’s hands, putting the user at risk of “monitor hangs”, which is caused by long generations. The LCD monitors the Arms tool, but uses a very simple system, which provides the monitor with a “floating” pressure spring on the desktop. Moving is as easy as touching a finger, and no compression or exercise is required to compress.

Many applications

LCD Arms Planet Monitor emphasizes the most comprehensive and comprehensive set of weapons solutions. Their award-winning EVO lineup includes tablets with adapters and monitor devices with laptops. Take a look at cricket, a laptop, laptop or pocket that can be moved in the fall of ’07.

Healthcare professionals prefer LCD tools for smart use, maximum flexibility and durability. It is incredibly easy for the dentist to pull the monitor against the wall, show the patient the X-ray, and use the space efficiently in the hospital setting.

Apple users, don’t feel left out. The LCD Arms are the only line of ILift and CinemaLift design monitor tools designed specifically for Apple iMac and Cinema displays.

If you have not read the service status here, please contact your LCD device dealer. They will work with you to adjust your home, office or school solution.

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