Hydrovac Truck – Importance In Construction

Hydrovac Truck

Hydrovac trucks are enormous industrial trucks with holding tanks, pumps, and suction hoses that you’ve certainly seen on the road or in and around the excavation sites rendering hydrovac services. They not only provide a valuable service, but their non-destructive technique is also transforming the face of excavation. However, a first-time spectator may find it difficult to appreciate what these remarkable machines can achieve and why they are crucial in hydro excavation and construction.

Some essential safety precautions must be followed  for ensuring safety while excavating. Go through this link to know more https://constructionreviewonline.com/safety-and-security/12-precautions-to-enforce-safety-during-excavation-work/.

What is a Hydrovac Truck?

These devices comprise holding tanks fitted directly onto a truck or trailer that can hydraulically load dry and wet products via vacuum hoses and are designed to suck various liquids into their tank for removal and proper disposal. Other attachments, like core drills, water jetters, and air compressors, can be employed with hydrovac trucks depending on the type of project they’re being used for. A hydrovac truck uses pumps to create negative air pressure, creating suction. A powerful pump removes air from the storage tank and evacuates the interior. Opening the primary and secondary shut-off valves on the suction hose equalizes the pressure in the tank and allows for quick suction of liquids and sludge. Pump performance depends on suction, so when looking for hydrovac services, it is essential to understand what you exactly need for your project and ensure you have the right vacuum vehicle and equipment.

What is a Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is the process of combining high-pressure water and air vacuum. The hydrovac truck was initially developed to suck up high-pressure mining slurry, which gave rise to the concept of vacuum drilling. Today, hydrovac trucks are used to remove unwanted substances, mainly mud, soil, and sludge, around underground utilities from the area. For vacuum drilling, high-pressure hoses are also usually connected to the truck. The operator then uses this high-pressure hose to grind materials such as soil, gravel, and rock, while another operator uses a suction hose to suck up the resulting sludge. Although this technology is relatively new in the construction industry, it is rapidly gaining popularity due to its efficiency and effectiveness at hydrovac services.

Benefits of Hydrovac Services

 Hydrovac excavation is becoming more common as a substitute for mechanical excavation. The following are some of the essential advantages of hydrovac services:

  1. Minimize the risk of injury or damage

Water pressure can cut through tough grass and soil while providing minimal risk to passers-by and underground utilities. Instead of using a heavy excavator or sharp metal equipment to pick up debris, the process exposes wires and pipes by soaking and sucking up the soil.

  1. Accuracy

The operator uses a handheld strut to guide the water jet. Water jets cut open and soften the ground. Experts can easily operate tight spaces with minimal impact on people around them, even when obstacles such as street lights, signs, and adjacent utility systems are nearby. The wand is small and flexible, allowing the operator to operate it in various locations.

3. Benefits during the winters

Hot water hydrovac systems may thaw and soften even frozen soil in the winter. This enables construction and hydrovac services to work during the winter months.

4. No damages to the underground utilities

Mechanical excavation tools can easily rip through utilities and damage pipes, causing delays in project completion. This disruption will cause delays, potentially causing building projects to miss important deadlines. However, hydrovac excavation is a gentler procedure that will not cause site disruption or costly repairs.

5. Waste management is easy

Minor mess means easy to clean up. Excavation by hand necessitates some double handling. Backhoes and other traditional excavation methods sometimes create twice as much mess as the project required, leaving staff with the unpleasant task of backfilling additional space that could have been avoided if hydrovac excavation equipment had been employed instead.


Hydrovac trucks can also be used to save lives and protect the environment. They can be employed in various situations, including cave-in rescue and recovery efforts. They’re also helpful for cleaning up spilled dangerous materials. Some oil and mining companies also use vacuum trucks to deal with soil pollution. Hydrovac trucks are important pieces of equipment for the construction and civil markets because they increase the efficiency of hydrovac services installation, prevent utility asset strikes, save millions of dollars in infrastructure damage, and provide a safer working environment for the company that uses them.

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