How will golf look in 50 years?

Without a doubt, golf is one of the sports with a rich history behind it. No matter who the best players were, golf maintained some of the original rules of the game, its green grass courses and white balls. However, there are pretty good chances that golf will be very different in 50 years. The rise of technology, different needs, and habits of the players, and climate change are just some of the factors that could influence golf games in the future. So, what can we expect from golf in the not-so-distant future? Will the rules of the game be the same? Will the players be able to overcome some of the most common obstacles? Let’s see why and how golf could become different in 50 years.

Golf carts could become a thing of the past

Most golf players agree that carts are one of the best ways to save the environment and move efficiently on golf courses. However, using them is affecting the quality of grass, which is why golf players could be replacing them in the future. On one hand, golf players could be looking for more efficient ways to move across the courts. On the other – technology might develop vehicles that will not affect the terrain and maintain healthy grass as long as possible.

If the technology applies to the golf game in 50 years, we could expect hover carts or similar vehicles in the game. Faster and more efficient moving on the courts will not be the only benefit of these hover carts. They might have a built-in surveillance system and other game-analyzing features.

We might be playing more golf indoors

In times when climate changes are becoming more prominent, it’s possible to predict fewer outdoor golf courses with real grass in the future. Considering the climate change that keeps getting more serious every year, golf could become one of those games that require indoor training. In other words, bad weather, strong winds, or harsh temperatures could limit the number of outdoor golf courses.

For professional players who rely on precision and perfect weather conditions, there could be a better solution. Plenty of golf training centers are popularizing indoor courses, which players find convenient for various reasons. For example, the indoor golf New York has to offer is the best solution for those who train all year long. An indoor golf course can provide optimal conditions for a quality golf game, which could be one of the biggest changes in the golf game in 50 years.

There won’t be as many lost balls

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If there is one thing that makes golf a “slow” game, it’s all those lost balls. However, in the not-so-distant future, golf balls could have microchips that will help with their detection. No matter how far a player swings the ball, finding it will not be a problem. In case this type of technology becomes a part of the golf game, it could save valuable time and resources to the players. Instead of losing the balls, players could track them on a simple phone app, check the distance and find balls with ease.

Holographic golf trainers?

It might sound like a scene from an SF movie, but holographic scenery could become a part of the golf game. In around 50 years, there is a big chance that this technology will be affordable for most golf players. For those who want to improve their skills and learn from trainers all around the world, holographic training could be the solution. Just imagine a person from anywhere in the world tracking your golf game technique and giving advice in real-time. It could change how people prepare for big games, right?

What part of the game will stay the same?

Even though technology and people’s habits will change in the future, there will still be some aspects of golf that will remain the same. If golf players still rely on the same rules in 50 years, common obstacles and difficulties of the game will not change. Moreover, achieving perfect results will take as much training as it does today. In other words, there is no technology that will automatically improve one’s golf swing, or make them achieve an albatross.

To sum it up, we can’t know for sure how golf will look like in 50 years. If we keep the tradition, rules, and ambition for this game, golf could only get improved and more accessible to other people. It remains to be seen how much technology will be needed to change the game of golf and in which ways.

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