How to write an essay on gender equality

essay on gender equality

Gender equality is among the many social issues plaguing mankind. The crux of the equali5y argument is women deserve to enjoy the same rights men are entitled to. Since women diligently play their part in society, they deserve equality and privilege too. Given it is an often-discussed important topic, many teachers allocate it as a writing assignment to students. If you have an essay on the same topic due soon, we have you covered.

As per the World Economic Forum (WEF) report, 2021, the global gender gap stands at 68%. A statistic like this is just the tip of the iceberg. Numerous other issues come under the umbrella of gender equality. In addition to being an interesting and relevant social topic, gender equality is also a sensitive issue. Therefore, you need to construe arguments logically and carefully.

Furthermore, besides logic, relevancy, and quality of the content, you need to consider objectivity. Since many students struggle to write an ideal essay on the topic, we have tackled it in detail. Read through and follow to receive high grades this semester.

Writing a gender equality essay

The entire point of having a student write an essay is to see if others can find it relatable. If your audience can relate to it, you’ve already won the game. But your classmates will be working on the same essay. That’s where things get difficult because now you’re to ensure your essay is unique and stands out from the rest. The rule stands true for an essay on gender equality too.

Given everyone will use the same sources and references, you have to go out of your way. It’ll involve researching a bit more to objectively include your point of view. In this way, you’ll be able to create something original and provide valuable input to the overall debate. Such an essay will be different from the essays submitted by other students on the same topic.

Gender inequality is a social injustice rampant worldwide. Therefore, there is a high likelihood you or someone you know has suffered because of it. Using real-life examples, you can offer your reader substantial content. As a result, instead of being dense, you’d be speaking about an issue you’ve been through first-hand. Hence, you’ll provide an insight into the topic, unique from others.

To demonstrate your grasp and mastery of the issue for the gender inequality essay, it’d be a good idea to come from a thoughtful and engaging position. In other words, when writing an essay about gender inequality, also consider your audience’s perspective.

Furthermore, you can make your essay distinguishable by using sources other than the ones specified. Otherwise, you could be overlapping your source material with a fellow student, and there goes your essay’s uniqueness.

Steps for writing an essay about gender equality

Writing an essay on gender inequality is similar to writing any other essay. While there are some specifics, the rest is akin to structuring other writing assignments. Therefore, knowing the common mistakes will help you compose a better write-up on any topic, including gender equality.

These pointers will help you write a high-scoring essay on gender equality. Go through them thoroughly before writing the essay, and you should be good to go.

1.      Brainstorming

Before writing an essay, it is only logical to brainstorm. It allows you to get your thoughts and ideas in one place. While providing law essay help online, law essay writers also diligently follow the brainstorming process. It helps their writers in tackling complicated law essays easily.

For the brainstorming process, you can opt for the following multiple techniques:

  • Write down three main ideas directly related to gender equality
  • Write down three ideas indirectly related to gender equality
  • Reverse brainstorming – how does gender inequality impact society?
  • Online brainstorming –  what’s available on the internet.
  • Ask your friends how they’re handling the topic

2.      Selecting a topic

Thanks to all the brainstorming you did, you won’t have to bury your nose in books or browse through the internet to choose a topic. Instead, you will have a list of interesting topics from the brainstorming session. However, you should pick an interesting and engaging theme for the masses. Quoting facts to your audience to get your point across may not work. Hence, appealing to the audience with your words is crucial.

Keep this in mind, the issue of gender discrimination happens worldwide. So, it would be best if you consider other countries as well. Moreover, the practice will strengthen your point all the same. Compile similar topics or note topics that have been a part of current affairs. The more directly you approach a topic, the more chances your audience will be interested in what you have to say.

3.      Choosing the style and essay type

Writing an essay about gender equality is easy in a sense you’ll find various sub topics for it. For instance, you can talk about ‘gender inequality in workplaces’, ‘violence against women’, ‘gender mainstreaming’, or any other topic. Then, once you decide on a topic, you can plan how to write it.

You can opt for various writing styles, depending on your topic. For example, if it’s an informative essay, you can simply state recent facts and cases. Since this topic is likely to be assigned to law students even for their final year project, many law dissertation help services emphasise the importance of mentioning recent cases to prove your point.

If you’ve chosen a problem statement, your essay can be explanatory or argumentative. For instance, a topic such as “how is gender equality related to feminism?” can be explanatory or argumentative. It depends on how you’d like to tackle the essay.

Other essay types which you can follow are narrative and persuasive. Both would include you being less objective. We’d suggest you play to your strengths and choose a writing style accordingly.

4.      Outlining

The outline or structure of your essay is extremely crucial. Unless your essay is easily understandable, you’ll have a hard time pleasing your audience. To produce a decent gender inequality essay, you must conduct extensive research. You can start off by going through past essays of brilliant students.

The librarian can assist you in locating literature relevant to your topic. Online sites might also be an excellent source of knowledge. Your comprehensive study should allow you to communicate your point effectively.

This prewriting phase is critical and will save you a significant amount of time while writing your gender inequality essay. First, outline your essay in the sequence to discuss your points. The outline assists you in brilliantly organising your thoughts depending on the issues you need to cover. As a result, you may order your points rationally and get the desired flow for the task.

5.      Introduction, body and conclusion

Just like any other essay, the introduction needs to be engaging. The topic sentence should immediately grab the reader’s attention. There are plenty of ‘hooks’ available on the internet which you can use. However, don’t reveal everything in the introduction; tease the reader about what awaits them. Also, keep your thesis statement straightforward.

The body of this essay should not be of any problem because you already have an outline in hand. It will present the gist of the entire topic. Then, based on your data, you can break it into sections to address different parts of your issue.

It would be best to elaborate on the topic using your point of view. Any part of the content you may have taken from another source should be cited to avoid plagiarism.

Based on the points you made in your entire essay, conclude your gender equality essay accordingly. The reader should get the feeling you’ve wrapped up the entire argument neatly. Use a different variation of the thesis statement to reiterate the same idea. If there’s no closure reader will be disappointed.

In this way, you’ll end up writing an A-grade worthy gender equality essay in no time. Although, make sure you take time for editing and proofreading as they’re essential steps of any essay. So, follow our guide and write a fine essay worthy of an excellent grade.

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