How to Throw a Great Party: Some Cool Ideas


Since the summer holidays are just around the corner, everyone must have some vacation plans. Do you belong to the same clan that travels during every vacation? Well, at least we do not. With a part-time job and pending car loan installments, we cannot imagine stepping outside the states. However, we do have an idea to make this vacation fun. Ask what?

Throwing a college dorm party would do great for us to get out of the ‘not being able to go on vacations’ trauma. And guess what? We have penned down some outstanding ideas to throw the best college dorm party ever. Those going on family vacations are definitely going to miss all the fun.

With that, let’s check some cool ideas to learn how to throw a great party in the dorm. 

8 Cool ideas for college dorm Party

 After a good 2-hours of brainstorming, we have come up with a chunk of theme ideas that you can opt for to throw a party at your dorm. 

Costume Parties

Who says that dressing up is a Halloween thing only? You can dress up as anyone or anything, on any day. A costume party comes with a host of ideas to make the most of it. In this, you decide on any theme for the party, and then everyone has to dress up accordingly, for instance, you can choose, Marvel movies, TV show characters, celebrities etc. 

If two or more guests dressed up as a particular character, you can play the ‘who killed the character the most’ game. 

Cry Parties

Ok, that may sound absurd, but you are going to love this one. Sometimes all you need is to cry and let your emotions flow. So that’s what is going to happen at this party. You gather all your dorm members and have a bit of an emotional moment to relieve yourselves. 

And yes, don’t get carried away with the theme of the party and forget to provide snacks and drinks. You can also watch a nice warm movie with your friends to let those tears flow. 

Pajama Parties

Ask your friends to come in their night suits and have a pajama party. Frankly, the best thing about this theme is you don’t have to invest in a glittery outfit to hit the party. Your pajamas are enough to have fun all night. Of course, those who can’t make it to anywhere without their fancy outfits can don silk material night suits and wear fathers for accessories. Get drinks and snacks for munching and maybe a little bit of a spa to get a relaxing moment. 

Retro parties

Channel your inner Rachel Green and dress up like her to your dorm party. Honestly, retro theme parties are our favorites.  You cannot dress up in a ’90s attire normally, so retro parties are your place to replicate anyone from 90’s. The best part is, that nobody will say that you look out of fashion. Also, to make it more fun, you can use old style cutlery to serve snacks and drinks. 

Devils and Angels

Reveal your devilish side by wearing those horns and a red outfit. In this theme, the guests are given two options, either to dress up like an angel or a devil. So yeah, you are getting the best chance to reveal your naughty desires. Also, don’t get too carried away and attack anyone with your fake wand. Remind yourself throughout that it’s just a party. 

7) Masquerade Parties

Masquerade parties never get old. Like, who would mind wearing a sexy gown and a sultry mask? Add this theme to your college dorm party ideas list. Everyone will love the idea, for sure. You can use dull, club-like lighting and make fancy colors drinks to get the real masquerade party feels. 

8) Pink Fantasy Parties

You can keep this theme as your last resort. If you don’t have much to invest and want to keep it minimal, this theme will work best. Just ask your guests to add anything pink to their outfits and drape your dorm room with pink color stuff. Also, you can order pink glitters, hangings and food color from Amazon and add them to your snacks and drinks to match them with the party. 


So those were our favorite dorm party ideas for this summer. To keep it minimal, you can order ready-made food from Amazon and make drinks in-house. Ask your closest friends to come over and make some DIY pieces for decoration. 

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