How to Speedrun Quests in OSRS

How to Speedrun Quests in OSRS

Here are all the details about how players can speedrun quests in Old School RuneScape.

In April 2022, Jagex announced they were in the early stages of development for a new game mode: Quest speedrunning. They said they were confident it would not take too long to bring it from concept to life where you can try it out. Two months later, they are already bringing more news about this fascinating game mode aimed at players who love time challenges and quests!

You should know that you’ll only be able to play this game mode on dedicated servers or worlds. You will start as an Ironman, similar to how the League’s events work. This means you will not be able to use the GE to obtain OSRS items or OSRS gold or to trade with other players—you will be on your own, getting your items and OSRS GP mainly from drops while killing monsters.

OSRS Quests You Can Speedrun

From the start, Jagex planned on bringing only a few quests to this upcoming game mode and expanding it with additional quests afterward. This is probably to check the amount of popularity this game mode gets and adjust their efforts accordingly. Many players do dislike questing, but offering the extra challenge of doing it as fast as possible and with further restrictions certainly sounds entertaining for many. That is because you’ll need to get specific OSRS items and OSRS gold, level up certain skills required for those quests, and ensure your combat level makes you strong enough to survive some of them.

Again, since you’re an Ironman, you’ll only be able to use your OSRS GP to buy OSRS items from in-game shops, not other players. However, the game will provide some of the items. Jagex is pretty unclear about this aspect. What we know is that you can access a menu that will tell you some details for each quest. The details include unlocks needed for the quest, provided items, and times to aim for.

The first set of quests you’ll be able to speedrun is:

  • Cook’s Assistant
  • Demon Slayer
  • Dragon Slayer I
  • Ernest the Chicken
  • Vampyre Slayer

How to Start Speedrunning OSRS Quests

You will need to select a quest and set up the speedrun by selecting specific items and unlocks. Once you’re ready, you will be teleported to the quest starting point, and you’ll need to rush. You can do this multiple times and have milestones to aim for. You will earn points and trophies when you can beat these milestones. Then, you can use these points on your main account to get cool items from the rewards shop. However, there’s currently no info about the potential rewards.

Rules and Restrictions

Akin to how Leagues work, besides being an Ironman, you’ll face other restrictions, rules, and limitations. You’ll appear in Lumbridge when you start and skip the tutorial island altogether. And if you’re not a PvPer, you’ll be delighted to know that you’ll be able to adventure in the depths of the Wilderness safely. There will be no danger as PvP is disabled.

PvP minigames are also disabled. You will not be able to play the following PvP games:

  • Castle wars
  • Soul wars
  • LMS
  • Duel arena
  • Fight pits

Other minigames that don’t involve direct PvP are also disabled, such as:

  • Trouble brewing
  • Rat pits

Even though Jagex hasn’t confirmed this yet, you likely won’t be able to play Barbarian Assault either. Don’t worry, though. These restrictions will not affect your ability to complete achievement diaries. The specific entries will either be automatically completed or not there.

The teleport timer is a somewhat challenging factor that will differentiate the gameplay for quest speedrunning from other game modes. When you log out, the timer for the timed teleports (home teleport and minigame teleports) will stop. The countdown to the moment you can use the teleport or teleports will begin again after you log back in.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of silver linings as well. Remember those annoying doors you must constantly open because they shut at a particular time interval? It’s no longer the case for quest speedrunning. Once you open a door, it will remain open for good. It is unclear whether this will affect your ability to close doors if you want to trap NPCs.

If you drop an item, it will get instantly deleted when you start a speedrun. However, if you want to pick up items with a regular spawn point, such as the garlic in Ardougne or the hammer in the basement of the Slayer Tower, you will not have to wait for them to respawn had another player got there first.

The shops also behave differently, so be aware if you decide to spend your OSRS GP to trade certain NPCs. Once you sell an item, it will instantly get deleted from the shop’s stock, and not even billions of OSRS gold will make it reappear. If you sold it, it’s gone for good. The flip of the coin is that having a static stock for the shops will allow you to buy OSRS items without waiting for a restock time. This is all the info we currently know about how to speedrun quests in OSRS, but we’re all hoping for more news from Jagex soon.

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