How To Sell Your Music Online and Make Money (2022)

A singer never forgets the jitters of the first show, the excitement of hearing their very first album, and the stress to monetize the music. It is essential to survive and create more music or melodies you love. You can choose to sell music online.


Reach more fan base

If you just depend on live shows for selling EPs, CDs, and merchandise then you are losing large opportunities. There are music lovers across the world who don’t have access to listen to your album, so they will not buy. Nevertheless, if you get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc. they will have access and you can expand your fan base.

Scale quickly

Music production and recording cost are the same but having CDs made adds to the cost. Digital download sales forgo the cost of physical CD making and storing. Online music is a digital product, which does not need packing or shipping after sale. Fans can access it from streaming services or stores and you can have scalable passive income. Less fretting around with CDs means extra time to concentrate on creating melodies or songs.

It is profitable 

Music sales from streaming and downloading are growing because fans buy albums directly from their favorite singer’s website or streaming services. So, if you ignore to sell your music on Amazon Music, iTunes, TikTok, etc. then your fans will be unable to access it and they will move to other artists. 

Sell merchandise

There is a huge market for music streaming online. So, get your music on TikTok, Amazon Music, iTunes, etc. or you will miss out on earning revenue. Beyond selling songs, musical artists can sell beats, jingles, samples, and stock music. You can have a dedicated website, where you interact with fans and sell merchandise or unreleased music, or personalized fan videos. 

How to sell your music online?

Independent artists have to struggle to distribute their albums if they had no record label support, which is the past. Fortunately, music distributors have made it easy for artists to reach new and current fans. Distribution platforms help to sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, etc., and collect royalties on your behalf. 

MusicDigi is a platform that helps budding artists start a career with an annual fee of $59.99 for limitless uploads. Your music is distributed to numerous streaming services and music stores in different countries. With distributing platform, artists can have control over the cover art, release date, where to distribute and which platform to upload, and more. 

There are self-managed platforms that allow artists to upload music and directly sell it to their fans. They charge fees but you have control over price setting. Self-managed and distribution platforms are convenient but the payout per stream will differ. 

Collectively streaming contributes 79% of recorded music revenue. Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, YouTube, etc. are the majority of streaming platforms. Partnering with a music distributor helps to gain exposure before millions of music lovers in playlists. You can earn from selling tickets and merchandise. 

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