How to Select the Best Family Lawyers in Sydney

Selecting family lawyers is never a pleasant task. Whether you are filing for a divorce, adopting a child, partaking in a custody battle, or stuck in a property feud, choosing the best lawyers requires patience, tact, and consideration. If you are approaching family lawyers in Sydney, hopefully, this guide will help you handle these tough times comfortably.

Begin Your Search As Soon As Possible

Since family affairs are sensitive and urgent, do not wait until the last second to find a lawyer. Finding the right lawyer requires proper search, consultation, and enough time. Conduct thorough research, check social media websites, and consult your friends or family with a similar experience. With affairs as sensitive as family matters, a simple Google search will not suffice. In Australia, there were approximately 49,510 divorces filed and executed. At the rate at which family cases are increasing, it would be best to find a lawyer who can give you their undivided time and attention and understand your situation.

Check Their Credentials

Sometimes, different sections of law merge or coincide. Therefore, find a lawyer who specialises in your case and knows other law fields. Every family lawyer in Sydney must have a practising certificate, so before hiring a lawyer, ensure they are certified. In addition, ask about the attorney’s background, portfolio, credentials, and success rate to find one who fits your needs and circumstances. Ask about their overall experience with similar cases and probable outcomes regarding your situation.

Furthermore, you can check Sydney’s lawyer directory to ensure your lawyer is properly certified and accredited. Lawyer and bar directories have information regarding the lawyer’s reviews, ratings, track records, and testimonials. 

Be on the Same Page

Every family case is unique and requires services catered to their expectations and requirements. Choose family lawyers in Sydney who are on the same page as you, understand you, get along with you and other involved parties, and deliver open communication. Following Australia’s Family Law Act 1975, Sydney courts must consider factors such as the child’s safety, relationship with parents, and internal and external affairs. Therefore, finding an experienced family lawyer who provides services for your needs is essential.

Legal Fees

The average legal fee in Sydney ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. Therefore, choose a lawyer whose services and charges fall under your budget. However, price does not necessarily equal quality. Do not automatically hire services with low prices or choose a lawyer with high consultation and representation fees, as these are tricky and unreliable indicators. When selecting an attorney, hire one with practical, viable, and flexible suggestions and methods that fit your expectations and wallet. 

In addition, ask the firm or lawyer about different types of fees. Legal fees generally vary according to your case, requirements, time, resources, and the attorney’s experience. An estimated amount for your case allows you to compare it with other lawyers, helping you make an informed decision.

Wrapping Up

If your family disputes become severe, hiring family lawyers is the best option. While you can solve simple and solvable affairs within your family, serious matters might require court visits. Since court sessions are lengthy, complex, and require legal work, having family lawyers represent you will make the process less taxing. When hiring attorneys, ensure they provide flexible solutions based on your needs, understand your plight, and use proper and accurate resources to help you. They should have a practising licence, experience, and knowledge regarding your case.

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