How to scan documents and photos into PDFs on Android.

scanning PDFs

Everyone has to go through the work of scanning PDFs, and this is one of the most annoying things to be done. Every day we have to deal with scanning PDFs so that we can mortgage documents, buy cars, or do some other paperwork that requires security. We need to preserve the PDFs in a secure digital format, and Adobe’s PDF is handy for storing the docs in this modern world. And today we do not need any hardware scanner or big printer to digitize our paper documents, which means that you can do this on your smartphone with an app and you just have to spend a couple of minutes doing that. This post is about how you can convert your docs and photos to PDF using your phone.

There are many ways to generate PDFs in moments, and there are probably many apps that claim that they can do it, but here are three apps that will help you get your docs converted into PDFs, which are Google Drive, Adobe Scan, and Microsoft Office Lens. You can use the drive if you want to scan just two or three files. But if you need to scan documents frequently, then you will definitely use other apps.

  1. Microsoft Office Lenses

Microsoft Office is the best among the given options because it offers a faster and easier way to scan documents, and with the simplest user interface, it becomes better. Some advantages of using the app:

  • Integrate into other Microsoft services like OneNote, OneDrive, Word etc.
  • OCR can be done if you use Microsoft Office.
  • the simplest user interface and doesn’t need any additional features.
  • It also works with photos and devices already connected.

You can just download the app and give all the necessary access to it. The viewfinder is on the home screen, which has all the tools you need. And after that, you also have a shutter, below which you can find different modes of scanning the documents. Above the shutter is your camera roll, offering easy access to the images that you have already captured. Just tap on the image you want to select, and then you can follow the orange arrow. When you get all the documents lined up in the View Finder, you will see an orange-red rectangle, which indicates that it has a solid lack of perspective. You can also manually crop the images. When you select a page for your documents, it is simple to tweak. When many images are loaded mnsud2l , you can swipe between them using the left and right. On the top of the screen, there are many options like: deleting images, cropping the image, rotating the image, making an overlay, and many others. You can choose them if you want any changes in the PDF.

When you are done, tap on the option “Done”, and you will get your PDF saved. You will get options to select the destination where you want to save the file. You can save it on your phone or another memory card. When the document is saved, you can create a list of your own from which you can select them and delete them when you want.

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  • Google Drive

There are many reasons why you can use Google Drive also. Some are;

  • It is very simple and easy.
  • You don’t need to install anything as it already comes with the Google Play store.
  • The PDFs created through it are already synced with Google Drive, so you can use them with the cloud storage.
  • It can only be saved to Google Drive if you don’t need any of the files to be saved on your mobile.

Line up the document in the view finder, making all the corners square. After that, you have the option to accept it or reject it before making it into the PDF. Tick the checkmark and the app will correct any distortion and import the document in black and white. After that, you have options using which you can ass more pages if you want, alter the crop, change color settings, or rename the scan. Once you are satisfied with your PDF, you can check the bottom right and you will get the option of saving the document. You can save the document anywhere you want.

  • Adobe Scan

If you need an app that provides deeper integration and G-Suite services, then you can opt for this app. Here are some advantages of using the app.

  • Optical character recognition is present, which turns scanned documents into searchable and copyable text.
  • It works with images you already have.
  • Auto captures streamlines, taking the process.
  • It works with the Adobe Acrobat App for built-in signing and filling out the forms.

When you open the app, you will be presented directly with the camera viewfinder. You can scroll left and right at the bottom to find the right type of document you want. The aperture icon gives you the auto-capture option. You can select it and they can get you in the frame. The Adobe scan is bad because you have to manually select the edges of the docs, so it’s not good. The UI is not as clear as a drive when it comes to advancing steps. You can add the pages and make the documents into PDFs easily. There are options like adding more pages, reordering items, changing the crop, rotating images, selecting color settings, or deleting pages. Finally, when you are done with the process, you can save the PDS by the option “Save PDF” on the left corner of your local computer. You can also share the existing documents.

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