How to quit smoking?


There are various reasons why people turn to smoking. Some got in the habit during teenage years when they were experimenting with life in general. Others started smoking as a coping mechanism. Some fell into the habit of it, while others use it as a fashion statement, especially the young adults.

No matter what your reason for starting smoking was, the reason for quitting smoking is more or less the same; smoking is a dangerous habit that can literally take your life.

It not only affects your lungs, as your Pulmonologist in Lahore will also tell you, but also affects your heart, cardiovascular system, sexual health, eyes etc.

However, just deciding to quit smoking is not enough. Making the resolve falls short when you crave the high from the nicotine, the rush that it would bring, the relief from stressors of life.

That does not mean that you disband the attempt to quit smoking and saving your life altogether, but it means having a more robust game plan. Some things that you can do in this regard include:

hypnotherapy smoking sydney,  a successful method for quitting smoking? There are no simple or direct solutions to the complex problem of quitting a smoking addiction.

Decrease exposure

Some people are social smokers. Being in an environment where the air is rampant with nicotine might then prevent you from quitting, as taking a puff becomes too tempting to resist.

To prevent giving into your urges, try to steer clear from situations and gatherings where you might get exposed to smoking.

Motivate yourself

Unless you want to, nobody can make you do anything. Hence, you need to first realize the importance of leaving smoking, and then you need to work on keeping your morale high.

You can motivate yourself by listening to podcasts and similar motivational talks. Whenever you are feeling down, ask a friend or family member to help you with regaining your strength.

Keep talking yourself up by using phrases like I can do this and derivatives thereof so you remain determined.


Having a clear roadmap, it always a good idea, as it helps your brain in grasping the task better, and thus working towards it. So, get yourself a paper and pen and start planning your emancipation journey.

While some people can quit cold-turkey, others cannot. If you are from the latter camp, start off by decreasing the number of cigarettes gradually. But in either case, have an end date. When you write your goal and visualize it, your chances of actualizing it are better.

Nicotine replacement therapy

While still not ideal, you can also try nicotine replacement therapy to help with the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms. There are different things you can try, including nicotine gum, patches, lozenges etc.


Smoking provides an outlet for stress, which is why you might seek it. So, tackle stress by engaging in physical activity, getting massage, trying meditation, and breathing techniques and going for yoga.

Seek support

Quitting smoking is an uphill battle. There will come times when you might feel overpowered. To protect yourself against such moments of vulnerabilities, rely on others for support.

You can join support groups online or ask your friends and family to help you with the journey. Some forms of behavioral therapy can also work in preventing you from falling off the bandwagon.

Understand underlying cause

If smoking is not just a passing habit, you need to then understand which void is the nicotine filling. Perhaps its stress, perhaps its peer pressure. Whatever the issue is, in order to quit, you need to address it first.

Hence, sit with yourself and honestly understand your motives for smoking. Seek help of a psychologist if the issue is to do with your mental health.

Help from your doctor

Even though the withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as with some of the more serious drugs, they exist, nonetheless. Hence, you can consult your Pulmonologist in Islamabad in helping you manage your withdrawal symptoms and any other issues better.

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