How to promote your art online

How to promote your art online

How to promote your art online. That wonder how to promote your online art is one of the most common questions for an aspiring artist. It is a very delicate subject, very “technical” if you like. Here, however, we mean a technique different from the pictorial one. I am instead referring to knowing how to value one’s work to create interest around it and attract other people. We are unspeakably happy to know that, out there, there are so many artists who have decided to make a piece of the road together with Montmartre.


By purchasing a new pack of oil colors to count on high quality, intense, spaced, and well-balanced colors. Buying a new studio easel to take your atelier to the next level. By choosing the perfect sanguine pencil, to make incredibly fascinating portraits. Or perhaps reading our posts on the choice of accessories for painting, or even on the best techniques for artistic landscape drawing.


Many of them write to us on Whatsapp, others on Facebook and Instagram, and we have the opportunity to unravel their doubts, to accept their suggestions, to discover their stories. And just in this way, between a chat and another, we realized that here, around our online store, there is a large group of artists who want to transform their fantastic hobby into something bigger and, if possible, profitable. Some have already started selling some works; others are only at the beginning of this path.


How to promote your works online: the 5 fundamental principles

At first, its strength seems trivial are you a great writer? Are your works pretty? Then all you have to do is print them online. Someone will buy those for sure! Unfortunately, it does not work like this: those who start from this approach make a colossal mistake, the most common among all the people who approach the world of online marketing for the first time.


What is this mistake?

Thinking that the Internet is the solution to your problems when instead it is only a means. Yes, a means used in the right way can lead you to your solution with a bit of patience and commitment. But you, an artist, certainly don’t want to waste time studying online marketing and promotion laws. And you would also be suitable. A little smattering if promoting your art online is, however, necessary. So today, we want to give you the 5 fundamental rules to promote your works online: they are simple but effective principles to take the right path and create your viewers of fans – and possible online clients. Please read these rules, learn them, and put them into practice starting tomorrow!


Improve your art starting from an excellent Selling method

How to promote your art online

Yes, we already know that ‘ Marketing plan ‘ is one of those concepts you didn’t want to hear. But rest assured: we are not talking about something particularly scary or too dull. No sir. You are not Coca-Cola. You don’t need a complex digital plan: all you have to do is decide the activities you will need to promote your art online, select the channels you will need to use, and set deadlines.


Nothing terrible, right? Moreover, by the time you get to the bottom of this entire article, you will already have the basics in your head to draw up a draft of your Marketing plan. To leave, however, you have to ask yourself some fundamental questions. Who is your ideal audience? That is, who is potentially interested in your works? What are your medium-term goals, and which are the long-term ones? Give realistic answers to these questions, and read on.


Promote your art by creating your brand

What is your brand? It is your brand, you, or rather, the set of all those things said, though, and felt about you as an artist. Eye: ‘creating a personal brand does not mean that you have to create a mask behind which you will have to hide. No, sir: a brand only works if it’s authentic. Therefore, you must think about your strengths, peculiar characteristics, and the aspects that make you unique and create a coherent image that must keep that way in every channel and situation. On social networks, in the gallery, on your blog: your brand must be unique and consistent to be recognizable. The trick, in any case, is to show who you are clearly, without flaunting anything – even if, when it comes to artists, a bit of ostentation can legitimately come into play!


Promote your art by creating an effective website

Well, let’s get to the practice. One of the main channels of your marketing plan, the whole place to build your brand, as well as the central showcase in which to show your works: all this is your website. Basically, for constructing a website for artists, the same rules apply to create the portal of an engineer, a physiotherapist, or a tennis teacher. The site must be clear, and it must load quickly so as not to alienate users. It must aim to position itself well on search engines and must be updated over time.


Promote your art via social media

On social media, we know there are many: the danger of those who want to promote their art online is wanting to be present on all social network platforms, and therefore on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. On Pinterest and so on. Our advice is to start with one or two channels, doing things well, because different rules and styles characterize each platform. Being visual art, primarily the photographs of your works, the first social network to start is Instagram.


Never stop promoting your art

Here is the fifth rule for promoting your art online: never stop. Do you think this is not a significant rule? Well, you should know that every ‘amateur’ online promotion project starts – always in the fourth place, with the utmost enthusiasm: you create a website, publish a post a day on Instagram and Facebook, and start a blog.

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