How to play & win Sic Bo

Satsport247: Three dice are used to play this game, this is a game of chance. Its origin is China and it is also called Dai Siu, Tai Sai, Hi-Lo, or somewhere it’s called big and small game. There are only 2 dice including casino games and Sic Bo happens to be one of them.

This game has a number of Variations those includes, including Grand Hazard, the English version, and the US version named Chuch-a-luck.

Nowadays due to the vast adoption of the internet, you can play this game online from anywhere in the world. But the game Sic Bo originally is popular in Macau online Casino and Asia.

Sic Bo Online Guide

Every game of luck or chance is easy to learn even though it might look difficult at the start. If you look at the table of Sic Bo for the first time you will feel lost for sure. It could be a little frustrating but it’s not difficult to learn the basic rules of this game.

If you are playing this game online then it’s even easier to learn and play. The main purpose of this game is betting on dice outcomes that are not different from a lot of other casino games. Let’s see how the gameplay of this game works.

The gameplay of Sic Bo

Placing bets is easy, you just have to put the chips on the depicting outcome areas on which you want to bet. Then comes the dealer part, the dealer will shake the dice in a little or tiny chest and if you are playing online the software will roll the dice for you.

If you predicted the correct number or the sum of numbers you will win the game, on the other hand, you will lose the game of Sic Bo if you predict the wrong number.

Betting Options in Sic Bo

It’s the fun part of the game that it has a lot of betting options and these are important to play the game. You can see all the betting options on the table of the game.

Small & Big Bets

These 2 Small and big are the most basic options you need to know. The Small is if you bet on the sum of dice from 4 to 10. The Big is when you be on the sum from 11 to 17. These are the best options the game Sic Bo has as they have the smallest house edge. These two pay 1 to 1.

As you would have noticed that the sum of 3 & 18 is missing that is because if you place a small or big bet on any of the triple sums like 1-1-1 or 6-6-6 you will lose. This means that these bets have a probability of 48.61%.

Other sum Bets

If you do not want to place a bet on any combinations or any specific number. You have just bet on any sum. That can be anything from 4 and 17. You should know that every sum has a different number when it comes to winning probability.

These are the types of bets you can place in Sic Bo

  • Small or Big Bet
    • Sum of 4 or 17
    • Sum of 5 or 16
    • Sum of 6 or 15
    • Sum of 7 or 14
    • Sum of 8 or 13
    • Sum of 9 or 12
    • Sum of 10 or 11
  • Single Dice Bet
  • Double Bet
  • Any Triple Bet
  • Specific Triple Bet
  • Two Dice Combo


After reading this you should be able to understand the rules of Sic Bo it’s pretty easy to start if you just get the rules and the rest is on the luck. You should remember all the betting options it has and you can try out the see which are the luckiest ones for you.

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