How to Pack a Week of Your Life into a Carry-On

When we set out on our most exciting trip, we only stop at the airports waiting in long queues or lines for check-ins, luggage booking, security machines, and receiving of luggage at our destination. There is no feasible way to dodge all that and just sit on an airplane and head to the destination we are impatiently waiting to get there. However, there are different ways to make sure we encounter only a minimum amount of time at those check-ins, luggage pass, receiving, and security checking, and that is to carry only a carry-on bag with you each time you travel for a few days.

Packing a carry-on for a journey not longer than a week is a logical way to evade all the delaying hurdles at the airport. Although, I agree that you need to carry according to your needs, and the time you are going to spend away from home. But keeping a low amount of clothes and supplies is always an agile idea for every traveler. Not only you will be able to navigate your way around the airports much more easily and swiftly, but also travelling, on the whole, will become easier. So, for this reason, I have compiled some great ways that you can use to pack a carry-on bag for your trip, which is no longer than a week.

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Packing up for a weeklong trip in only a carry-on

Try to pack your carry-on by starting in a minimalist way. Just pack what you need and drop what you don’t. You need to work on a few strategies in order to pack everything for a week-long trip that you may need. So, follow these tips and sort everything out to make your travelling less stressful.

Starting with all important items

When you are packing your carry-on, always start with the most important items that are a must to take. This list may include your passport, travel documents, a personal device such as a laptop, tablet, or a surface, smartphone, chargers, and credit card. These items should always be with you no matter where you go. So, pack them before anything else in your carry-on and keep extra care of them.

Check the airline website

The majority of the airlines follow similar regulations regarding carry-on bags. However, there are some airlines that have minor, and even major differences in rules for carry-ons. So, it is wise to check the website of the carrier you are flying with beforehand. Check their criteria and pack your items by proper dimensions.

Most people don’t know that they can carry one personal item with their carry-on bag. Airlines don’t mention it anywhere on their website, but they allow one personal item. You can carry your laptop in that personal item bag and keep your other useful items in it too.

Making a list with a priority criterion

Always make a list of items that are most important for you to take on the trip. Try to minimize the list by keeping a number of things to the minimum. Carry only those items that are absolutely necessary. If you are carrying an item that is important to you but is easily available in the area you are visiting, kindly drop it. You also need to drop any gadget or an item whose sole purpose is your comfort or luxury, such as jewelry and makeup items. If there is still some space, you can avail that by prioritizing your items.

Managing wardrobe

You should always pack those clothes first that don’t require changing more often. White-colored clothes get dirty more quickly than any darker color. So, avoid carrying white clothes at all costs. If you are travelling to a place where there are frequent dust storms, then you should also avoid carrying black clothes with you. If you need to carry a heavy jacket with you due to the weather, I recommend you to carry that jacket in your hands at all times. Use a carry-on bag with wheels. In this way, you can always hang your jacket on its pulley handle.

Keeping items that can be reused

You should always keep items with you that can be reused multiple times. It will make your carry-on bag much lighter and easy to travel with. You should always travel with such items that serve a twin purpose. For example, keeping a warm blanket is not a good choice; so instead of keeping it, you can always keep a warm shawl or a sarong. You can also keep PDF copies of magazines or books that you usually prefer to keep for company.

Taking up all the available space

When you are packing your clothes, try not to leave even a single bubble of air in the bag. Compress every little space in your carry-on and start by thinking that you have little space and need to find space for every little thing. You should also use your shoes as a compartment for small things such as socks, scarves and even some clothes.

Roll your clothes, instead of folding them

Last but not the least, you should always roll your clothes individually instead of folding them. You can always find an iron to press them into shape later but to avoid running out of space, roll your clothes. In this way, you can always find some extra space in your carry-on bag. People are unaware of such tricks, but trust me they are the most effective.

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