How to overcome Anxiety Before Class 11th Biology Exam ?

Studying is not at all easy, especially in the present time when everyone is keeping an eye on your grades. You need to be really focussed on your subjects, prep and overall performance. However, there are always students who feel really anxious about one or the other subject. And once it is about class 11th, it is even more demanding and makes students absolutely nervous.

If you are too anxious about your prep related to biology exam, just relax. Just get yourself class 11 biology ncert book and start your prep. While you prepare, keep the following points in mind. When you keep these things close to your heart, you would be able to prepare and perform well and that too without any fear of biology. After all, biology is a really interesting and rewarding subject if you are confident and work hard. Anyhow, for now walk through the following things to overcome your anxiety for your class 11th exams.

Positive mindset 

No matter how brilliant or bright student you are, if you are not having a positive mindset, things would be against you. You need to consciously make an effort to keep yourself positive. Once you stay positive and think positive, you would be able to cope up with the overall prep in a better manner. After all, preparation is one thing that you cannot simply do in fear. Here, you need to think that you are doing your best and getting better every day. Even if you find yourself thinking negative, make sure that you on purpose replace the thought with a positive one. For example, if you are having a though that you would fail in the biology exam, just replace it with how hard you are working for this test and you would do really well if you keep on doing that way. In this way, your mind would get the positive direction and you also become more thoughtful about your prep. After all, everyone knows that with a negative mindset, you cannot achieve much.

Discuss the concepts 

If you feel that the biology is getting on your nerves, just relax. If there is any concept, topic or chapter that you feel is intimidating you in particular, just discuss it with your teacher, a professional tutor or simply a friend who is good at it. In this way, you would be able to prepare it in a better manner and that too without evening losing your nerve. You would not be anxious about it if you discuss it with others. After all discussion is the key to better groundwork. Now, when you would discuss with others, there would be certain things that happen and help you fight your anxiety. These are like:

  • You would find out how others are dealing with the same concept or chapter.
  • You would know that there is other aspect of learning too than yours one only. 
  • You will have clarity about anything that might be bothering you there. 

Hence, discussion is important and helpful for your preparation.

Solve sample papers 

Indeed, it can help you fight off your anxiety for sure. Now, even if you are at your chapter three of the prep, make sure that you solve sample papers after every chapter. In this way, you would be in a position to prepare well.  After all, the more you prepare, the better you become. Of course, if you find that you haven’t done well in your sample paper test, you may find yourself sadder. But that is not the thing. You can look at the positive side that by solving the sample papers and taking up sample tests beforehand, you are getting to know about your drawbacks or where you lack. Here, remember that you have quality content for your studying at Infinity Learn platform for best prep. Hence, you have time in your hand to strengthen your understanding of everything. And of course, if you get to know that you have solved really well or done better than you expected at the sample papers, it would really work on your confidence and hence, your anxiety would take a back seat.

Rest and exercise 

Now, rest and exercise are important for you. You need to work on your small naps or simply ten minutes rest times in between. When you take rest after some time of study, you actually become better at your preparation. Moreover, the productivity of your  studies remains in the rest time too. And of course, some sort of mild exercise like a walk or simple cycling can boost your mental capabilities beyond your thoughts. Hence, all the negativity or anxiety drains automatically.


So, you can check out ncert class 11 biology chapter  and start your prep without any tension now. Since you have just read the ways to fight your anxiety, you surely would find it nowhere or simply peeping in lightly during your prep.

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