How to Make Your Tea Party a Hit


Is it your turn to host a tea party for your colleagues this month? Or do you want to host a tea party to catch up with your friends? Either way, you have landed on the right spot. Tea parties are an amazing way to spend time with your loved ones who have lost contact due to busy schedules. Not only does it freshen up your mind having the people you love at your place but also helps you all catch up on life. Here are a few ways you can make your tea party a hit this time. 

1. Plan Ahead of Time

While it seems like an obvious thing to do, most people procrastinate things to the last minute which can affect your tea party entirely. Always plan ahead of time when it comes to hosting a tea party. Whether it’s about deciding on kaiser rolls for the menu or the type of teaware you are going to use, plan everything. Also, make sure you set a date and time and invite a few weeks before the given date to help your friends ensure their availability for your tea party. 

2. Set a Theme 

Once you have set a date and time, the next step is to set a theme for your tea party. You can mention the theme of the party in your invitations to help your friends dress up accordingly. For instance, you can go for a mother’s day tea party, friendship day tea party, bridal shower-themed tea party, baby shower tea party, etc. Setting a theme would help you with the arrangements and decor. 

3. Get Out your Teaware

The next step is to get out your teaware and set the table. If you don’t have a matching tea set, you can mismatch and be a little creative with what you have. Also, either you can set the plate with each chair or arrange a buffet-style tea party so your guests can help themselves. 

4. Decide on Refreshments 

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to deciding the menu of the tea party. However, it is wise to include items that are liked by everyone. For instance, in addition to having a corner solely for a variety of teas, you can add sandwiches, scones, kaiser buns and teacakes, fancy biscuits, lemon bars, doughnuts, etc which are loved by everyone. 

5. Play Some Nice Music 

A tea party without any music would be boring and dull. You can ask your friends in advance about their favorite music and play it one by one to spruce up your tea party. You can also play your favorite college year collection to cherish the good old days spent with each other. 

6. Add Games

You can add creative games to your tea party and enjoy playing them with your friends like in old times. For instance, you can add a sugar cube to a spoon contest or a sugar cube stacking contest to make your party more fun. 

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