How to Fix Comfast Extender That Keeps Rebooting Itself?

I have done a Comfast WiFi extender setup at my home thinking I would be getting blazing-fast internet but my efforts went in vain. My Comfast extender keeps rebooting itself. I am unable to access any internet due to this. What should I do? Are you also troubled by the same thing? Is your Comfast wireless range extender keep on connecting and disconnecting? Fret not! This guide has covered some topmost solutions that will help you fix the issue. Keep on reading further to know more about it.

How to Fix Comfast Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue?

Check Power Supply

The topmost factor that causes this issue is a fault in the power supply. So, you need to check the power supply to the Comfast wireless range extender first. Begin by checking the power socket. Damaged power socket and loose connection can lead to power fluctuations. Thus, if it is damaged, then plug the power adapter of the extender into some other socket available in the home. Also, make sure that the power adapter is not loose. Another thing that you need to do is put up a UPS in the event there are power outages in your area. Simply put, the power supply to the Comfast extender should be adequate.

Once you have checked the power supply to the Comfast extender, if the issue doesn’t get fixed, then you should try unplugging the extender and leave it like that for some time. After plugging the extender back, see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Verify Internet Connection

If the issue still exists then you need to check the internet connection. An unstable internet connection is another reason why the extender keeps rebooting again and again. So, check the internet connection by contacting your ISP. Perhaps there is an internet outage going on. Get it fixed first. If everything is fine from your ISP’s end then check the next point.

Fix Ethernet Connection

Looks like the Ethernet cable that you have used to connect the Comfast extender to the host router is not making a firm connection between the two. Maybe it is damaged or is connected loosely. Get yourself another cable to connect the devices firmly if needed. The connection between both devices should nowhere be near loose.

Bring Extender Near Router

Possibility is so that you have connected the Comfast extender to the host router using a wireless mode. In such an event ensure that the extender is placed within the boundary line of the router’s range. Relocate the extender in needed but place it closer to the router. However, avoid placing them neck to neck.

Update Firmware

Are you still struggling with the same issue then perhaps your Comfast extender needs an upgrade now. Comfast WiFi extender not working issue can also be fixed by a firmware update. You can update the firmware on your Comfast extender either automatically or manually.

If you choose to update firmware manually then download the firmware file for the Comfast keeping in mind the Comfast extender model that you own. Once downloaded, save it on your PC at any safer location and then access the Comfast extender login page and install the firmware file on the extender.

If you are updating using the automatic process, you simply need to access the Comfast extender login page and check for updates. All rest you need to do is follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Note: Whether you go for a manual update or automatic update, make sure that you do not interrupt the firmware update process in any way.

In a Nutshell

After you are done updating your Comfast range extender, you will no longer be troubled by the issue under discussion. We are very hopeful that the information provided here proved to be useful to you and now you are able to enjoy seamless internet from your Comfast extender.

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