How to fix a quartz countertop chip?

How to fix a quartz countertop chip?

Quartz is one of the most durable materials. It is made from a mixture of stone and resin, which gives it its strength while still maintaining its beauty. Engineered stones are durable. They rarely crack, scratch, or chip. This is the “rarely” part.

However, despite their strength and endurance, they aren’t indestructible. The most devastating moment for homeowners is when their precious countertop gets chipped.  Pro stone countertops are your trusted partner for all things countertop. This guide will help you get your countertop back to pristine condition no matter how fast.

What causes chips on quartz countertops?

Its most redeeming characteristics are the strength and durability of countertops. Quartz are susceptible to chipping, regardless of how durable and hard they may be. 

Because they are in the busiest area of the house, chipping is common on kitchen countertops. These include bumping and setting heavy items, dropping kitchen materials and equipment, as well as someone sitting or standing on the countertop.

Don’t forget your warranty:

Do not attempt DIY until you’ve assessed the extent and severity of the damage. Kitchen Quartz countertops are typically covered by a warranty for up to 10 years. Your manufacturer can make repairs for free within the warranty period. Look for your warranty card to find out what kind of damage your manufacturer covers.

Here’s how to repair a countertop chip yourself.

How to repair an important chip on quartz:

There is an easy way to fix minor chips in countertops. To repair a chip on quartz, you can use adhesive. These are the first materials you’ll need:

  • Ammonia-based cleaner
  • Masking tape
  • Superglue is used to attach countertops of light-colored colors.
  • Pigmented epoxy adhesive for dark-colored items
  • Sandpaper

These materials will be handy so you can fix the annoying chip. Here are some tips to help you do it.

Step 1:

You should start with a clean surface. To remove any particles or dust from the countertop, use an ammonia-based cleaner. Because it’s non-abrasive this type of cleaner is ideal for countertops. You can be sure your quartz will not be scratched by this cleaning material. Spray the spray on the area and then wipe it clean with a soft, damp towel. 

Step 2:

Tape the chip’s edges with masking tape. You will have a smoother application and no need to worry about stains. This will save you time and effort in trying to remove adhesive stains from other areas than the chip.

Step 3:

If you’re quartz in light colors now, grab your superglue. You won’t be able to see it when you are using it for repairs, as it is transparent. The location of the countertop chip will determine which kind of superglue you use. You should use superglue that is thin if it is placed on a surface. However, if it is at the edge of the countertop, you can use a thicker version. You can apply the coating using a spatula (or a brush) and thin coats. Keep doing this until the chip is equal in height to the countertop. 

Step 4:

You can also buy a dark-colored odder countertop with a textured pattern pattern. It’s better to use a pigmented adhesive. For best results, mix a dye in the same shade as the quartz with the epoxy adhesive. You can apply the epoxy mixture thinly, just as you would for superglue to light-colored countertops. Allow it to dry for 24 hours. Because epoxy shrinks as it dries, you might need to apply more epoxy. Do not worry about unevenness as it can be sanded off later.

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Step 5:

Once the adhesive has dried, fill it with sandpaper. You will get the best results if you use sandpaper with a higher grit, ranging between 360 to 600. This will smooth out the dried glue on your countertop. A razor blade can be used to fill chips on surfaces. Just glide along the area gently with sideways movements.

Get professional help:

It is normal for kitchen accidents to occur from one time to another. If your quartz is chipped, you might be able to repair it yourself. 

However, if your countertop is chipped and you aren’t confident making repairs, we recommend installing a new granite countertop instead.

How to care for quartz?

Guidelines to provide the best kind of care without sealing for your countertops. However, it is important to maintain its beauty for a long time. Even though countertops are relatively low-maintenance, they can still have problems if they’re not properly cared for. 

  • Do not clean with products that can cause abrasions.
  • You should be cautious with chemicals that could come in direct contact with your worktop.
  • Heat protectants should be used as often as possible. Exposed quartz to high heat can also lead to its destruction.
  • Your quartz is not for cutting.


Every day, accidents happen in the kitchen. You can make a mess when you prepare a meal for many people. Your kitchen countertops will suffer the most. You don’t need to spend thousands to repair a chip in quartz countertops. Knowing how to fix it is the best skill you can learn. Above mention guide will be helpful for you.

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