How to find wifi password ?

With the spread of Wi-Fi, the chances of connecting to Wi-Fi have increased dramatically, whether at home or on the go. You need to enter the SSID (network name) and password to connect to Wi-Fi, but many people have experienced “I don’t know how to check” or “I forgot it accidentally”.

◆ How to find wifi password for home wifi ?

You may have forgotten your password when you tried to connect your newly purchased device to Wi-Fi. You can check the SSID and password of the Wi-Fi you are using at home by the following method, so please refer to it.

  • Look at the sticker on the Wi-Fi router body

Wi-Fi routers often have labels with SSIDs and passwords on the sides, back, and inside of the cover. This method is easy when you want to check the Wi-Fi information at home. However, the information on the label is the default setting. Please note that this method does not make sense if you have changed your network name or password yourself after purchase. For those who are concerned about security, we recommend the wireless travel router , which allows you to use high-speed Wi-Fi on the go despite its lightweight size that fits in your pocket.

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  • Check the Wi-Fi router manual / setting card

You may have seen a small card when you bought your router. There are various names depending on the manufacturer, but these are called “setting card” or “setup card”, and the SSID and password are written on them. Also, the SSID and password may be listed in the Wi-Fi router manual, so if you can’t find the card, check the manual as well. As with the sticker on the router itself, this is also the initial setting information, so be careful.

  • Check with the app

Recently, the number of Wi-Fi routers that can be set and managed with a dedicated application is increasing. Mainly, you can check the SSID and password from the setting screen of the application. However, some apps cannot be used unless they are connected to Wi-Fi, so it cannot be said that this is a reliable method.

  • Check from a computer connected to Wi-Fi

If you have another computer connected to the same Wi-Fi, you can also check the Wi-Fi SSID and password from there.

  • For Windows – If you are using a Windows computer, you can check it from the “Network and Sharing Center”. First, open “Network and Sharing Center” from the control panel and select the network you are currently connected to. From there, go to “Wireless Properties” and select the “Security” tab. Then, the item “Network security key” is displayed. This is the Wi-Fi password. The default is displayed with ●, but you can check the character string by checking “Display password character string”.
  • For Mac – If you are using a Mac computer, use the function called “iCLOUD Keychain”. Open “iCLOUD Keychain” from “Applications” and select the connected Wi-Fi. Then, detailed network information will be displayed. Click “Show Password”. You’ll be prompted for your username and password, and you can verify your Wi-Fi password by entering your Apple ID and password.

◆ How to find Wi-Fi password of the free wifi ?

 In recent years, the number of cafes and family restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi has increased. Most of these stores have stickers with Wi-Fi SSIDs and passwords near their seats and cashiers. You can connect by opening the network setting screen of your smartphone or computer, selecting the SSID printed on the sticker, and entering the password. Depending on the store, you may need to register your e-mail address instead of entering your password. * Caution * When using free Wi-Fi, be careful not to exchange important information regardless of whether you have a password or not.

◆ How to confirm the password on the router setting screen ?

You can also check the password on the Wi-Fi router settings screen. However, this method is a little difficult because you need to enter the IP address of the router in the address bar of the browser, and then enter the ID and password using a computer or smartphone connected to the Wi-Fi router base unit. The degree is high.

“” and “” are often used as the IP address of the router, but the initial value differs depending on the manufacturer. Please refer to the attached manual.

Unless you have changed the ID and password, the default ID and password are valid. “Admin”, “root” and “user” are often used for the ID, and “password” and “admin” are often used for the password, but this also differs depending on the manufacturer, so please refer to the attached manual.

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