How To Ensure That Sharp Waste Is Disposed Of Correctly

There are a wide variety of different medical wastes and one of those in particular is sharp waste. It is important that sharps waste is correctly disposed of in a Sharps Disposal Container. Due to the nature of medical sharp waste, there is a much higher risk of contamination or injury and for this reason sharp waste needs to be disposed of separately from other types of medical waste. With most medical waste being disposed of in bags this is not a suitable container for sharps. Sharps need to be placed in a sealed container that cannot be pierced with the sharp edges of that specific medical waste. 

What is considered to be sharp medical waste? When asked this question the most common answer is a needle and that is correct, needles are most commonly used in hospital settings and so many are disposed of regularly but there are many more different types of sharps waste disposal that needs to be correctly disposed of. A medical sharp is considered to be anything that has a sharp edge that can be dangerous. These medical sharps become even more dangerous if they come in to contact with blood, infectious bodily fluids or if they have been handled by the unsuspecting public. So, included in the medical sharps waste list are trocars, empty or broken ampoules, broken and rigid plastic, butterflies, suture needles, culture slides and dishes and broken glass. There is much more to the most commonly assumed needle that will need to be correctly disposed of and put into the correct disposal containers that are provided for sharps waste. 

The container is specifically designed to keep those using the sharps and those around them as safe as possible. Once a sharp is used in the setting then it should be disposed of straight away and out into a locked sharp box. The box is created to open for the sharp object to be placed in it and then once it is placed inside the box automatically locks and cannot be reopened. This is to ensure that there is no risk of contamination once the medical sharp has been placed inside the container. There is a well designed sharps container that provides more than just a safe disposal place for sharp objects. It is designed to clean the sharps whilst they are inside the container, so it is always reducing and lowering the risk of contamination at all times. Professional waste disposal companies are trying hard to keep the workplace and environment as safe as possible and they are always coming up with new and innovative designs that can help to keep people safe and that follow the laws and regulations within each state. With using high quality disposal containers in the workplace, it creates a safer working environment, and it will also mean that staff can use containers knowing that they are safe to use and purposely designed for disposing of sharps waste correctly. 

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