How To Draw Death: Step By Step Guide

how to draw death

How To Draw Death

In his life, every man must somehow face Death. In many animated films and fairy tales, he is an absolute hero of events. Death can be both positive and negative heroines, depending on the intentions of the author. This article will look at how to draw Death, this character, and whether to be afraid of him.


The Death of the heroine in different interpretations looks different. Classic art image – a female figure in a bulk dark hooded cloak. In the hands of most of them are holding a sharp sickle. Before you draw, Death must be specified in advance – to which it will pose. The most common:

  • It stands upright.
  • He was sitting sideways.
  • Sitting or standing with his back to the viewer.
  • He leans over someone or brandishing a sickle.

Inexperienced artists are best to start with the most accessible posture – when Death is standing upright. In this case, intuitively, what proportion of the character as part of the body and disposed creases coat. More difficult aspects should be moved for the future when they have gained the required experience and skills.


It is better to take a simple cool drawing paper and a pencil with an eraser for the first sketches. The materials are convenient – if an error occurs and you want to fix something, it will be easy. Fill in the colorwork using crayons or paints.


Even if the first drawing is well prepared, you can use the step-by-step guide. Let us consider in detail how to draw Death step by step:

  • Note the basic dimensions of the figure – height, head, body thickness in a raincoat.
  • We will outline the body tilt to the shoulders.
  • Draws his head in the bulk hood.
  • We outline the hands on the sleeves – they are bent at the elbows.
  • Make a sketch of the hands holding the handle of the spit.
  • Outline the sickle; it should be long and intense.
  • We will outline the shadow area, behind which hides the faces.
  • Erase all unnecessary lines.

Now, to understand how to draw a Death with a sickle and profile, you can proceed to shading or coloring. It should bear in mind that the cloak of the heroine should be black or brown.


After discussing how to draw Death, some artists may wish to fill in your work details. On the chart, you can often see the character Death with a sickle in his hand. In addition, it can hold the clock (sand or mechanical), a burning candle, or a symbolic soul. Depending on the purpose of the job, Death can be given and other associated characteristics.

If the photograph includes a background, it will look at Graves with tombstones, skeletons, bats, ghosts, angels, or mystical symbols. Death does not always look like something terrible or harsh. In children, it is good cartoons. As a rule, do not intimidate and protects. Sometimes, on the subject, you may need to warn about something or remind yourself that everything in life is temporary.

Thus, after meeting with the data material, the answer to how to draw Death becomes more understandable and accessible, even a novice in the art.

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