How To Create An Amazing Birthday Video Invitation

Video Invitation

Videos are one of the most popular forms of communication now, so it’s no surprise that there are all kinds of tools available to help people make inspiring video invitations. A free video maker available online right now lets you turn your photos and video clips into personalized video slideshows. It is perfect for birthday invitations or other types of videos you want to give to friends and family members as an expression of your feelings. 

Many people have begun using online video editing tools to create their own birthday invitations because it can be much cheaper than using professionally produced services and allows you to add your own style and personality to the finished product. 

Although you can use any video editing program, it’s important to follow certain guidelines when making your invitation so that it captures the personality of the person being honored and makes a good impression on all your friends and family members who receive it. 

Here’s how to make one, step by step. Use these steps when creating an amazing birthday video invitation with a free video maker.

Choose Your Template for the Birthday Guest of Honor

Video Invitation
Video Invitation

No matter what age your child is turning, it’s always nice to make them feel special on their birthday. One way to do that is with a custom birthday video invitation. 

While you can easily create these videos yourself using online video-creation tools, opt for those with ready-made templates. They allow you to create stunning videos with minimum time and effort. These templates also come in various themes and styles, so you can easily find one that fits what you need.

Add Texts and Birthday Wishes via Any Free Video Maker 

Video Invitation
Video Invitation

It doesn’t really matter if you use Animoto, Promo, or WeVideo; any of these free video makers will help you create your own birthday video invitation. What is important, however, is that you pass your message through; and that you keep your text short. 

A few lines are all you need. The more texts you write, the shorter your song needs to be, and vice versa. If it takes less than a minute to read everything aloud, then it’s probably too long.

Record Your Voice Over

You can save time and money by creating your own video invitation using a free video maker and doing it yourself. 

Use a simple script like Hi [Name], It’s [Your Name]! Hope you’re having a great week. [Your Name] is turning [Age] on [Month, Day, Year]. You don’t want to miss out on all of his awesome moments.

Next, record your voice using one of your devices. With most new computers or laptops, you can simply hit a record on your screen and begin speaking into your device’s microphone. 

Upload Your Clip to Your Free Video Maker

Video Invitation
Video Invitation

Now that you’ve got your raw video footage, upload it to a free video maker. This will ensure you can edit out any dead air and other mistakes before sharing them with family and friends. 

You can also now add text or music to your clip (depending on what kind of video maker you use). With these extra features, now is when you can truly create something amazing!

Customize Your Clip

Video Invitation
Video Invitation

If you don’t like what’s already in your video clip, or you want something specific to put in it, then feel free to change it. 

You can do all sorts of things: swapping out a stock image for a photo, cutting and pasting bits and pieces from other clips (you can make as many clips as you want), and more. You can even combine clips you’ve made. 

For example, if you make a clip of your friend telling his pet story, and another clip of him talking about how he met his wife, then you could put them together into one clip for your birthday invitation.

You can also change transitions between clips. The effects that play while one video plays into another are transitions, and there are lots of different ones available.

Share Your Video Invitation to Your Social Media Platforms

Video Invitation
Video Invitation

One of my favorite free video makers that I discovered a while back is Promo Editor. It’s one of those simple, easy-to-use programs you can use from your computer or mobile device. 

Even better? Not only can you quickly create videos from your smartphone, but it also has a built-in social media platform! 

Share directly from the video editor to Facebook and Twitter with just a few clicks. Then, give your friends and family members instant access to whatever type of video you want them to see.

Final Word

Video Invitation
Video Invitation

When it comes to birthdays, there’s no one who deserves a celebration more than your loved ones. And while they may not expect a full-blown production for their special day, some time and effort will surely put a smile on their face. 

That’s why we’ve crafted a quick how-to guide that tells you exactly what you need to do, and how much time it will take, to create an amazing birthday video invitation. Let us know if we can help in any way. Happy editing!

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