How to Create a Backyard Oasis in Your Outdoor Space?

Staycations, which are holidays spent at home instead of abroad, have become more popular in recent years as the cost of travelling abroad has gone up. 83% of people who took a trip in 2018 want to do so again in 2023, and 24% have already started planning their next staycation.

Why do people like staying home for vacations so much? Well, that really depends on a lot of things. Because there are no trips to catch or jet lag to deal with, you can relax on the first day of a staycation.

You could spend your next staycation at a hotel or Airbnb, but living at home has a lot of benefits. Having a real holiday at home can be as easy as making an outdoor retreat.

Here are some ideas for how to make the most of a vacation.

  1. Get Wet in an In-Ground Pool

One of the most iconic holiday moments is the first time you put your toes in a hotel pool. And 26% of Aussie travellers say it’s a must-have in a hotel.

Installing an in-ground pool is all it takes to make your house feel like a resort. In the long run, fibreglass pools are the least expensive and easiest to maintain option. They also have a very smooth surface, which makes them very nice to swim in. Choosing a pool plan with places to sit and talk adds to this effect.

  1. Create your own cafeteria here

Customers love hotels with restaurants on-site because they don’t have to drive and look for parking, and it’s easy to store any extras. Not only is it easy to eat in your own backyard, but you also get to choose what you want to eat.

Even though the grill is the main feature of an outdoor kitchen, it’s a good idea to add a built-in fridge to store food and drinks and drawers to store cooking tools. The cook will be able to spend more time with the guests and less time going back and forth from the indoor kitchen.

At many resort restaurants, you can choose from high-top bars, lounge furniture, and outdoor tables, among other places to sit. By adding a variety of these seating choices to your outdoor dining room, you can keep yourself and your guests comfortable in all kinds of weather, even on those hot summer afternoons.

  1. A hot tub can be used to relax at any time of year.

In Melbourne, the season for in-ground pools can last for a long time. On a holiday, a hot tub is a great way to relax because you can use it whenever you want. 

Hydrotherapy, which is what hot tubs offer, has been shown to help people sleep better, lower stress and pain, and even improve heart health. The main goal of a holiday is to feel refreshed and ready to go back to normal life, which is helped by these benefits.

You might want to get a spa that is already built into your plastic pool. With this setup, guests can easily switch from cold to warm water, and homeowners can save time and money by using the same system to move water through both features.

We’ll help you plan and build your dream garden.

You want to turn your backyard into a peaceful place to hang out. We have everything we need to get them done. Brisk Landscaping can build you a whole resort in your backyard, with everything from an in-ground pool and hot tub to an outdoor kitchen and eating area, as well as water features, fire pits, and other things in between. For more details, please visit our caroline springs landscaping website.

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