How to Clean vinyl floor?

Installing a vinyl floor at home is a great alternative to other types of flooring such as parquet, laminate or ceramic floors. Its advantages are many and very interesting and make it a practical and decorative material to consider. One of them lies in its great ease of cleaning and almost zero maintenance. Find out how to clean vinyl flooring.

Reasons to choose it.

There are not one or two but many reasons why it is worth opting for a vinyl floor for the flooring of the whole house. We could start by saying that it is an all-terrain floor, capable of stoically withstanding the action and effect of intensive use.

In addition, it is resistant to humidity and water splashes, so it can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms. It is a warm and attractive floor, which offers a soft touch and a silent step.

On the other hand, as it is very easy to install, it is perfect for DIY renovations, and, in addition, it is not necessary to install it on perfectly smooth floors. Still, rather we can put it on irregular floors.

How to perform daily cleaning

When it comes to keeping your vinyl floors clean every day, you will have to carry out the same type of treatment as when it comes to laminate or wooden floors: vacuuming to leave them free of dust and dirt. This appliance, equipped with a head for delicate floors, is more effective than sweeping with a brush to remove sand or any type of residue. Vacuum your floor frequently so that dirt does not accumulate.

Deeper maintenance

Once a week, more or less, you can give your vinyl floor a thorough cleaning that leaves it perfect without a trace of dust and stains. Pass a mop moistened with soapy water and then dry with another clean and dry mop or with a cloth.

It is important that you use a neutral detergent and that you do not wet the floor too much (although they withstand humidity well). In this way, you remove the most embedded dirt.

What can we do to not spoil it?

To protect vinyl flooring, it is essential to take certain measures to prevent damage. Although it is a resistant pavement, it can be damaged if we do not take care of it as it deserves. Take the following steps:

– Try not to drag furniture and heavy objects, and the place felt protectors on the legs of chairs and tables.

– Be careful with rubber (from shoes, some furniture protectors, etc.) because it can stain the vinyl.

– Be careful with the heat! Keep heaters, irons and other similar items away from your vinyl flooring as they can completely remove the material.

Choose your cleansers wisely

If your vinyl floor is dirty, you may need to use a special cleaning product capable of restoring its lustre and beauty without damaging it.

Most of this type of product is applied diluted in warm water with the help of a mop. Once clean, it is necessary to dry it with a cloth.

Attention! These are the products you should not use

All those cleaners that are aggressive should not be used to clean this type of floor. Nothing to use solvents or derived products, nor oil-based cleaners, common wax or varnish.

Forget about aggressive powders, scouring pads and sponges that can scratch the vinyl surface.

Using neutral, effective, mild soaps and detergents with the vinyl surface is best.

Keys to removing stains

That the floor of our house gets stained is inevitable, especially if it is installed in the kitchen, so it is convenient to know what to do.

To begin with, remove the stains as soon as possible, especially from oil, vinegar or lemon, as they can discolour the area.

If the stains are from tomato, ink or blood, dilute alcohol in water and soak them with a cotton pad, without rubbing and rinsing with water afterwards. Marker remains are removed by rubbing alcohol.

A plus of luminosity

Over time, vinyl flooring can lose its shine and dull. To combat it, there are solutions on the market that help you improve your appearance, although it is important to know which one to use.

You should not use cleaners or polishes with solvents that could damage it. Although most normal waxes are not recommended, you can apply a specific acrylic wax to give floors of this type a very special shine. Try to choose a product with non-slip properties to avoid slips and accidents.

Steam cleaning contraindicated

We already know that you are captivated by the Vaporetto and use it to make many spaces in the house perfect. However, it is best not to use it to clean vinyl flooring.

The machine gives off steam at a high temperature that can irreparably damage the vinyl. You already know that heat is not a good friend of this modern and decorative material.

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