How to choose your mailer box dimensions?

Everything, whether it is a little item or a large one, is now package and deliver in custom mailer boxes. In the packaging sector, you may find custom printed mailer boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as a variety of quality, textures, and patterns. Because of the large amount of accessible variation, it has become difficult for the brands to decide what they genuinely want and what is required of their unique items in order to compete effectively. We can help you in looking into the right direction.

When it comes to finding the most appropriate custom mailer boxes for your goods, the worst thing you can do is test all the sizes available. This is because when there are so many possibilities available in the market, it becomes very easy to get agitate and confuse. However, there are several technical considerations to bear in mind when deciding on the mailer boxes option, and the whole procedure will become much more efficient and seamless.

The Mailer Box, together with its team of specialists, is the finest in the business when it comes to corrugating anything, and we are here to help you and assist you in finding and deciding what is best for you.

Carefully consider the actual dimensions of your products

First and foremost, you must identify the exact dimensions of your items in order to manufacture suitable packaging for them.  You must be able to recognize the distinctive characteristics of your items. There are different kinds of custom mailer boxes available for use with a wide range of items. For instance, for lighter items, you will go for lighter yet durable material such as Kraft or corrugate paper cardboard.

The second factor you must keep in mind while deciding the size of the box is the safety of the products. Your items must be delivered to your consumers in the safest and finest condition possible. To send a delicate item, for example, you must include some packing inserts in the boxes and use thicker corrugate paper to guarantee the security and safety of your things throughout shipping and delivery.

The most important thing is the quality of packaging you are being offering by the mailer boxes manufacturer, for example, if your product is of premium quality, your customers will expect the premium quality of packaging as they are spending a maximum amount to buy your product.  As a result, while selecting the packing quality for your items, you must be quite picky. 

In the case of CBD products, you must seek the finest CBD packaging providers available in the market, however, if your things are ecologically friendly, you must use environmentally friendly packing materials for your items to be sent. All of these factors must be taken into consideration even before measurements.

Calculate Your Dimensions 

The most significant step is to measure the dimensions of your product.  If you are going for a single product the selection would be simpler. Especially if you have order the bulk packaging. Your one-time measurement will be enough for your order.

But taking the measurement is a very crucial step. Here you must see the expectation of your potential customers and the focus must be on inside dimensions.  For the structural dimensions of the product, you may take a tape and start measuring everything. Take three distinct measures in total, then compare them to one another.

  • A measurement of the distance between two points.
  • Measure from front to back to know the width of the product.
  • Measure the products from up to down

The best technique of measurement is to keep an extra space of 0.25 inches while measuring the products. This will save your product to be package in with a little room in the box that would help the products being squash into the custom printed mailer boxes.  You must keep a note of these measurements and go for your ordering process.

Find the actual size of the box After taking the right dimensions of your products now you may find the right box for your correctly measure products. A contributing factor is that there are several boxes available on the market, each with varied sizes and grades of material, making it very difficult to choose the most appropriate choice among them. 

However, if you have decide on the suitable size for your goods and are fully inform of the quality of your product, making the choice on the box will be much simpler for you in the future.

Following the precise placement of your goods in the box, you will need to deal with the excess spacing in the mailer boxes by inserting fillers or inserts into them. These filters will keep your product safe and will help to guarantee that it is transported safely.

Instead of using conventional sizes such as small, medium, and large, select a customize choice that allows you to project and display a lot more to your audience than using the regular sizes. In customize packaging, you may also have complete freedom of using color patterns and the overall visual design of your custom printed mailer boxes to your advantage. When it comes to the image and reputation, brands that care about them take this aspect pretty seriously. The personalization of these mailer boxes might result in good feedback from the public about your items. The custom mailer boxes may be customized with your logo, brand unique phrases, product information, and any other visually attractive choice to make them more appealing and presentable to the recipient(s).

As you can see, determining the dimensions of the custom mailer boxes for your products is not a difficult task. Your proactive approach and proper preplanning will allow you to choose the most appropriate box, organize your items, and get them off to the consumer in a timely manner. If you are still unsure, please contact us at the Mailer Box, and we would be happy to help you in determining the proper sizes of custom print mailer boxes for your particular product line.

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