How to choose the best PVC laminates?

Peace is the most fundamental requirement in the journey of life. It’s the main reason you hang out with only those people who won’t hinder the calmness in your mind. Even your wish to decorate your home stems from the same ground that is peace of mind. You can’t ignore the fact that the setup and visual appeal of your home play a major role in determining the ambiance of the house. Hence, it is significant to pay attention to the décor of your home. 

If you’re seeking the ideal decorative finish for your home, you cannot avoid PVC laminates. These laminates are known for offering the best finish to wardrobe, and other furniture elements in your kitchen. Also, they are durable and versatile plus use them extensively at home interiors to create a sophisticated vibe. Besides these laminates can be found in a wide range of decorative textures and colours as they are mostly used in surfacing furniture elements at home and office. 

What are PVC laminates?

PVC laminate is made by compressing synthetic plastic polymer (also known as Poly Vinyl chloride), thin layers of flat paper, and resins in high temperature and pressure. It’s a flat shiny surfacing material that is widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial furnishings for beautifying and protecting furniture elements. Furthermore, these laminates can be put on any substrate like particleboard, plywood, MDF, natural wood, and others with a strong adhesive and simple pressing process. 

How to choose PVC laminates?

Choosing the ideal PVC laminate can be challenging for those who have no idea about it. When you’re buying this laminate, make sure to look out for the following characteristics of PVC laminates.


One of the major advantages of PVC laminates is they are borer, termite, corrosion, scratch, stain, water, moisture, abrasion, and bacteria resistant. Amazing right? Yes, that is why Royale Touche laminates have high demand when it comes to interior decoration in contemporary times. Also, it is the reason why these laminates are preferred in spaces that are exposed to more wear and tear. Mainly, they are appreciated for their weatherproof property, something that is essential in wet climatic regions. It’s also the reason why they are recommended and highly used in kitchen areas. 


Another reason why PVC laminates are popular in contemporary times is their flexibility to bend and fold without any hindrance. Furthermore, it can be applied on the edges easily. This bending aspect of these laminates offers your furniture the smooth and subtle visual appeal that contributes to the entire visual décor. Hence, if you were worrying regarding the edgy joints on your furniture, like the kitchen cabinets or wardrobe, choose PVC laminates for your peace of mind. 


One of the reasons why interior designers recommend using PVC laminates is because they are toxin-free, lead-free, and harmful emission-free. In other words, it doesn’t off-gas or even leach any chemicals when they come in contact with fire or water. That is to say, these laminates pose no threat to health and are perfectly safe for usage in homes, hospitals, office spaces, and industries. 


A major factor that is considered when buying laminates for interior décor is durability. The flexibility and resistance properties of these laminates increase their longevity, thereby offering a higher degree of durability. These laminates also have the capability of retaining their visual appeal for years because they can withstand moderate scratches and wears and tears effortlessly. 

Easy maintenance 

In addition to all these beneficial aspects, PVC laminates hardly tolerate spots or marks on their surface. All you need to do is take some measures to ensure the surface keeps shining throughout the year. Wiping it with a damp cloth or a soft fabric with mild soap solution is enough to keep it new all the time. 


Being the best laminate brand in India, Royale Touche laminates are cost-effective because they serve both decorative and protective purposes efficiently. That is why they are highly recommended for

  • Office cabinetries
  • Conference rooms
  • Home and office furniture
  • Kitchen Cabinetry Units
  • Wardrobe
  • Bathroom units
  • Wall panels
  • Home and Office interior decoration
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Commercials spaces and showrooms

Top tips to maintain PVC laminates

To ensure the long and healthy life of PVC laminates, there are some simple do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind to ensure its best maintenance. 


  • Always use mild soap or detergent solution, or even organic cleansers for cleaning the laminate surface.
  • Use soft fabric for wiping.
  • Wipe off the spills quickly when they happen.
  • When removing difficult stains, apply a mixture of water and soda


  • Avoid acid or harsh cleaning agents
  • Don’t use cleaners that leave a soapy residue
  • Don’t scrub aggressively to avoid any damage to the surface
  • Avoid steel scrubbers, knives, or sharp objects as they can leave scratch marks on the surface.

Now that you know the benefits and maintenance needs of laminates, make sure to buy Royale Touche laminates as it is the most trustworthy laminate manufacturer in India. Explore different finishes and colours so that you can select the best for your interior décor theme. 

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