How to Choose the Best Location for TP-Link Extender?

tp link extender

The proper placement of an extender can have a considerable impact on its overall functionality. Everything counts, from keeping your extender away from WiFi interference to positioning it within your router’s range. So, if you want to get the most out of your TP Link extender, you need look for the ideal location. This guide will be quite useful in this situation. Check out the guidelines below to figure out where to put your TP Link range extender so you may have a lag-free internet in every room of your house. Let’s get started!

Tips on Putting Your TP Link Extender for Best Performance

  1. Place your Extender in the Middle of Your Home

Extenders broadcast signals in the circular expansion from your router to all areas of your home. This implies that if you install your extension in the centre of your home, you will have WiFi coverage everywhere. So never ever decide to place your extender near a window or in a closet while/after setting up TP link extender using tplinkrepeater.

  1. Raise the Level of Your Extender

The optimal location for a TP Link WiFi extender is to put it on a higher surface. This may also assist you in avoiding connectivity problems with your device. So, if you want to get the best from your extender, you should mount it as high as feasible.

  1. Electronic Devices Should Be Avoided

Keep your TP Link WiFi extender away from electronic items like cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and baby monitors when deciding where to place it. These things can interfere with your extender’s signals, preventing you from using the internet on devices connected to your extender’s network.

  1. Place your TP Link Extender in the Open position

Many users keep their extenders inside a cabinet or under a table, according to research. Perhaps they’re doing so to prevent hampering the glory of their interior. If you’re doing the same, your extender won’t be as effective as it will work in open. To avoid all the chaos, we recommend placing the extender in open area and within range of your existing router.

  1. Extender’s Antennas Should Be Placed Strategically

Set up additional antennas correctly if your TP Link extender supports them. Make sure that they are not pointing in the same direction. Set one antenna vertically and the other perpendicularly to get the most coverage out of your extender.


Things to Remember When Getting the Best from a TP Link Extender

The optimum position for a TP Link WiFi extender depends on your home’s design and living situations. We’ll give you some pointers on not only how to choose the best place for your TP Link range extender but how to make the most of it in the points below. All you need to do is stick to reading.

  • Avoid putting your extension in a corner, a cabinet, or beneath a table.
  • Place it on a high shelf in the centre of your home.
  • It should be kept away from WiFi interference.
  • Set the antennas of your TP Link range extender in the right direction.
  • Don’t ever use a public WiFi to perform TP Link extender login.
  • Once done with placement, change the password of your extender to keep it safe from potential threats.
  • Create a Guest WiFi network for people visiting your home ever so often and asking for WiFi password.
  • Set parental controls on your TP Link extender to monitor and control the online activities of your kids.
  • Set a strong password on your device. It must include digits, alphabets, special characters, etc.
  • Keep updating the firmware of your extender to avoid getting into the mess of slow internet issues.

Wrapping Up

For now, this is all about where you should place your TP link extender and get the best out of it. It is expected that the tips given in the article will help you take your internet using experience through TP Link extender to the next level. Just in case you find any more suggestions when it comes to placing an extender, do share the same with us in the comments section.

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