How To Choose Handles For Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen furniture ordered. A carpenter does, cuts, measures. The only thing left for you to do is waiting for the result.

Finally, the question is asked – “Boss / Boss – what handles do we choose?”

The face turns green, there are a lot of options to choose from and time is shrinking because the contractor will be assembling on Thursday.

Even if not, I invite you to read the tutorial. Which furniture kitchen cupboard handles to choose for kitchen furniture? And what can you choose from?

1. Open on the button

There is no need to drill and install the handles right away. In minimalist and ultra-modern interiors, i.e. where we want to put on a 100% smooth surface, you can invest in a system that will open the cabinets on the button.

It looks nice and aesthetic, but it has a downside – while it will be perfect for light cabinets, e.g. upper cabinets, we will have to think about something more comfortable for a heavier one. The same will apply to the door to the built-in refrigerator and dishwasher, where such patents will not pass.

In such a case, in lower drawers and built-in furniture, it is worth considering milled fronts, i.e. those with a handle already “included” in the structure.

Of course, we don’t have to religiously stick to one type of opening throughout the kitchen. The upper cabinets that open with a button, the lower ones with a handle next to drawers and cabinets can also look spectacular.

I personally recommend satin or matte fronts for kitchen cabinets that open at the push of a button – you will see fingers on shiny fronts.

2. Single furniture handles

Single, i.e. those for which you need one hole piercing the front right through. Knobs, knobs, handles and grips – the choice on the market is unlimited. You have to decide on the shape and color. Here, for example, a post about which fronts brass accessories, including furniture handles, can help.

Color is a very individual matter, when choosing; we should focus on the aesthetics that suit our tastes. The shape, however, is of great importance here. Let me use an example of handles from my shop with handles (btw, if you don’t know it, please).

Nice handle, no need to argue, but the kitchen is the kitchen. It has certain requirements.

Decoranddecor is a small ball without a stem, which is difficult to grasp with wet hands or during cooking when the hands may be, for example, greasy.

In the kitchen, handles on a delicate leg will work better – I call them ‘gripping’ handles. The ones that are easier to grab and pull – and this is what you need to do especially with drawers, dishwasher and refrigerator.

Especially for heavy drawers or dishwasher doors, such a handle – gripping handle – will significantly increase the comfort of use.

The advantage of single kitchen cupboard handles is also the ease of installation and replacement of the handles in the future. Buying and inserting new handles is probably the easiest way to transform your kitchen fronts after many years. Having one hole in the furniture, we can choose from thousands of models and we are not limited by virtually anything.

3. Oblong furniture handles

Elongated furniture kitchen cupboard handles, whether in the form of a railing or otherwise, is very popular in Poland. No wonder – they are very comfortable to use.

They are available in various sizes, and they can also have a different whole spacing for mounting. If we want to replace the handles in the future, we have to look for those that have the same spacing as our old handles.

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