The lifespan of cars depends on the level of care and maintenance. The general maintenance includes inspection of tires, replacing engine oil, re-filling coolant, checking the status and quality of fluids (power steering, brake, and transmission), testing the lights, changing the engine air filter, and replacing the windshield wipers. The maintenance can be as per the regular schedule and sudden requirements.

The spare parts industry contributes to the cars’ wellness to a great extent. The spare parts industry is integral to car health, from providing genuine spare parts such as Holden parts to delivering the next best quality spare parts based on need; the manufacturing of cars involves the integration of brand-specific parts and, the parts have a specific life span, post which they have to be provided with general maintenance or should be replaced. Spare parts make-material are iron, steel, aluminium, glass, plastic, etc.

Whenever there are any counterfeit spare parts, it is an excellent choice to inform the manufacturer or an authorized dealer; their legal team will ensure that only the genuine parts stay in the market.



Spare parts manufacturing companies usually have competing counterfeits. Thus, it is an excellent choice to verify the authenticity of the spare part.

The authenticity of the spare parts relies on the unique identification elements; this includes serial number, QR code, hologram, and electronic tag.

The serial number indicates the manufacturing package, batch number, date of manufacturing, etc. The serial number verification can be done by contacting the customer service hotline manufacturer. Scanning QR codes on the smartphone will indicate the details of the spare parts on authenticity. Usually, the QR code result webpage has the manufacturer logo, contact details, etc. It would be best to double-check for the manufacturer name, the website’s authenticity, etc., to avoid counterfeit products. Usually, the manufacturers of counterfeit products try to closely resemble the original title and style of the actual product manufacturer.

Finally, genuine products usually carry scannable electronic tags; they are scannable at any supermarket or smartphone.


The warranty, guarantee, and return policies indicate the authenticity of the spare parts. Genuine parts usually have a long usage life, and the policies are applicable to replace/ renew general wear and tear, etc. They allow replacement or renewal of the product at a comparatively lower price; few brands offer free replacement or renewal up to 1 year.


An authorized spare parts dealer will have a specific identification number from the manufacturer. The cross-verification of the numbers on the official manufacturer website indicates authenticity.

The general reviews on the site are another indication of authenticity. Specific websites are available for consumers to voice their concerns; such websites have more honest reviews. Consumers usually respond quickly to the queries too.


The spare parts such as holden parts price vary depending on the dealer, the reputation, quality of the packaging, etc. However, the manufacturer’s official website provides average pricing information. Thus, if the product has a comparatively low price, there are high chances that it might be counterfeit.


The genuineness of spare parts plays an essential role in the car’s life span. Thus, it is necessary to choose a genuine product. Genuine spare parts have a unique identification, warranty/ guarantee/ return policies, etc. Further, the product price reflects the product’s reputation.

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