How to Choose a Good Cloud Server

When choosing a Cloud Server, the first consideration is what kind of business is needed for the cloud server, such as building a website. Cloud servers have a clear advantage in ensuring the security of website data. So the cloud has become the first choice for many enterprise website servers. If it is used to build a website, then you need to consider the type of website, the number of visits to the website, the size of the database. When selecting a cloud server, there are some general parameters to look for.

1. CPU

The CPU represents the computing power of the host. Websites with more static pages use less CPU. Dynamic pages use more CPU. so it is recommended to choose a CPU with more than 2 cores. Also read Computer Hardware Upgrades, These Components Must Come First.

2. Memory

Memory is also an important factor, the more available, the faster the website can be opened. For small and medium-sized websites, you also need to use a MySQL or Sql Server database by choosing a minimum of 1G memory. Because database operations also take up more memory. Read also the definition of Ram, the type of Ram and how important is Ram.

3. Hard disk

Hard disk is determined according to the actual situation of the program and database. The system itself will use a portion of the hard disk space. So after the program or application files and databases will occupy hard disk space. Read also the history of computer hard disks from year to year

4. Bandwidth

 VPS or cloud servers have no traffic restrictions, so bandwidth needs to be considered. The greater the bandwidth, the faster the speed when visiting websites. Therefore, the bandwidth needs to be greater when the website traffic is relatively large.

5. Server Location Selection

The server location includes multi-path because it has many paths. Either use a domestic server or a server located abroad. It is enough to choose the best path for users according to the developed business concept.

The point above is a parameter before choosing a cloud server. Because the Internet is a very competitive industry. It is necessary to continuously learn and innovate, improve configurations, and take protective measures. Otherwise, it will be vulnerable to external attacks.

How to Choose a Good Cloud Server?

1. Cloud Server Configuration

As explained in the general parameters above. Configuration refers to the hardware configuration of the cloud server including CPU, memory, hard disk, and broadband. The higher the CPU, the better, the more memory, the bigger the hard disk, the better, and the higher the bandwidth, the better. CPU and memory determine cloud server performance, hard disk determines cloud server storage capacity, and bandwidth determines cloud server access speed. In fact, the specific size of the cloud server should be chosen according to the actual needs, because the price of the cloud server is related to the configuration level. Everything to meet your needs will apply, and the appropriate cloud server should be selected based on the actual situation.

2. Cloud Server Performance Value

High-performance servers are one of the most important requirements for companies or individual users. If possible, in the selection of a cloud server service provider, do a free trial. Through free product trials, perform performance tests in other aspects. Assess whether the server performance is good or bad through the test area.

3. Cloud Server Security Investigation

Whether the cloud server has security performance can be seen from the attitude of the service provider towards cloud server security protection. The strength of the company can be seen from its cloud protection services and website protection capabilities, and the extent to which security is valued can be seen from this.

4. Is The After-Sales Service Perfect?

Users pay more attention to the after-sales service of purchased products. Because once a problem occurs with the purchased product, after-sales service from a service provider is needed to solve the problem. Therefore, apart from hardware gaps, after-sales service is also a benchmark. One of the standards of a good product.

In choosing a good cloud server service, you need to pay attention to several parameters. Cloud server computer configuration is an important point in building a server. Because the performance of a cloud server is highly dependent on the configuration of the computer itself. In terms of security and service, many cloud server service providers provide excellent service. Service providers are competing to promote their services. Now it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Cloud server rental prices are lower than regular physical servers. With fast provisioning and deployment capabilities, users can activate in real time after submitting a cloud server rental application and get immediate service. Business supports smooth expansion and when the scale of the user’s business grows, business expansion can quickly materialize. Users can easily perform remote maintenance. Free reinstallation at system hardware level to achieve complete virtualization between cloud servers. Built-in redundant shared storage and smart backup. Cloud server failure or trouble can be recovered automatically in a few minutes.

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