How to Build Links to Your Blog with Outdoing Yourself


Blogging is a great tool to connect with your audience. It gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings in an informal way. However, without links your blog will be invisible for search engines. Google spiders can’t index your page over the Internet. 

When they see some keywords they understand that other websites are also interested in them. You’ve probably heard about Penguin updates 4 and 6. These updates strongly penalize sites that have low quality content or are not crawled by Google spiders frequently enough. Also, if you don’t implement a good link building strategy, it is very likely that you will get penalized as well. In this article we will discuss how to build links to your blog so it can surpass itself and get indexed by Google sooner or later.

What Are Good Links?

You want to build links to your blog for many reasons. They can be used to draw more attention to your site, promote your content, increase your site authority and rank and earn you more money. A link is a way to say “I found your content interesting, and I think others will too. I would like to share my link to this article with them so they could also read it.” A link from a relevant site can increase your chances to be found by the readers, increase the amount of traffic to your site and earn more from Google’s Adsense. 

The link you build to your own article doesn’t work in your favor. If you link to your own article, then Google doesn’t know that anyone else is interested in this topic either. You’re just creating a wall around your own article, making it less visible to the search engine spiders and therefore, less visible to the readers as well.

Link Building Strategies for Bloggers

Here are 3 effective link building strategies for bloggers: 

Guest Posting – This is one of the oldest link building strategies. It is best used by authoritative blogs with established readership. Guest post links can be used to build or replace bad links. You can also ask your readers to post links on their social media channels and websites to increase your link authority.

Link Exchange – Link exchange is a link building strategy where you give away other people’s links in exchange for your own links. You can do link exchange through forums and blogs. Look for websites that are related to your niche. Find similar blogs in your niche and choose one to offer a link exchange deal.

Social Media – Social media is a great source for getting link authority. If you use social media to share content, you’re likely to get links from your followers. Share content on your company’s Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and Twitter profile to generate links back to your website. – SEO Wiki’s – SEO Wiki’s are the best method to get link authority. You can make an SEO guide on your website, then link it back to your own site through a relevant anchor text.


What is a good link? A good link is one that is relevant to your article and is from a high-authority website. You can’t go and buy link building, you have to do it organically. If you have good content, and you have Google approved articles on your website, then people will link to you. Google updates are coming every few months now, and they are trying to make more links to their index pages. With Penguin updates, they are trying to make the pages less visible. The only way to make your website more visible again, is by getting good quality links.

We’ve seen Google algorithms change, and Penguin and Majestic are the new updates that are coming. They need to see links to make your site visible again. Building links to your own content won’t help you boost your rankings. Link building is a tough job, especially if you are a blogger, you can check this post on how to start a blog professionally.

There are a lot of strategies, tactics, and techniques that you need to know in order to build a large number of links to your site. Google is trying to make their quality content index more visible. They are also using Penguin and Majestic to penalize websites that are not showing up in their search results. Link building is one of the best ways to boost your Google rankings.

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