How to Balance Vata Pitta Kapha For Beginners

How to Balance Vata Pitta Kapha For Beginners

Ayurveda talks in great detail about three primary yoga doshas. However, not everyone has the time and patience to read different Vedas about Ayurveda. So, to facilitate yourself with an in-depth insight into how to balance Vata Pitta Kapha, read this article.

But before that, let’s have a brief analysis of each yoga doshas. This will help you understand the three primary yoga doshas individually so that you become aware of their significance. Read on.

Three Primary Yoga Doshas


In Vata yoga dosha, wind or air is the primary or dominant element. Therefore, a person with Vata yoga dosha is filled with the energy of movement. Hence, he or she is always active, flexible, creative, and contains ever-flowing spiritual energy.

Vata dominant person has a thin body frame, dry skin, and often feels cold. Moreover, they have a hard time gaining weight or body mass.


In Pitta yoga dosha, fire is the dominant element. In short, a Pitta dominant personality has a higher metabolism. This means he or she has a faster digestive rate that makes them athletic and quick on their feet. Moreover, they have acne-resistant skin along with a medium build.

Furthermore, Pitta dominant personalities easily gain and lose weight in comparison to Vata yoga doshas.


Earth and water are two dominant elements in a Kapha dominant personality. Water improves the immunity of the person. Therefore, it keeps you fit and healthy. However, Kapha dominant personality can easily gain fat and weight.

This increases the probability of falling victim to various diseases. Also, Kapha dominant personalities are slow on their feet since they feel sluggish.

Let’s now have a glimpse of different ways to balance Vat Pitta Kapha. In case you want to learn in detail about them, you should enrol in the 500 RYT course. That will help you learn how to balance Vata Pitta Kapha from yoga masters along with other yogic practices.

Best Ways to Balance Vata Pitta Kapha


Since Vata dominant personalities are highly active and athletic, they should include cooling-down exercises into their routine. Further, as far as the diet is concerned, they need to inculcate protein-rich food into their diet. It helps in building muscles while not letting the accumulation of fat on their bodies.

Moreover, Vata personalities should include denser food into their diet. It increases the calorie intake that helps in improving the physical built of a person. Moreover, you should avoid over-work so that you do not burn out.


One of the major advantages of Pitta yoga doshas is that they can eat whatever they want. The reason being the higher metabolic rate. Thus, everything is going to get digested in an instant. However, to balance the Pitta yoga dosha, you need to be aware of what you eat or drink. Also, don’t work or walk in the sun for longer.

Pitta dominant personalities can benefit the most from cooling exercises. Hence, cold showers are one of the best ways to cool your body down. You should also avoid spicy food if you want to have long-lasting benefits from cold showers.


The first thing you need to do to balance Kapha dosha is to keep your diet in check. Kapha dominant bodies have huge body frames. Therefore, they tend to eat more than they should. So, the first thing is to cut down the food intake.

Hence, a low-fat diet is the first thing to balance the Kapha yoga dosha. Include more raw vegetables into your diet to lose fat or weight. Further, include endurance exercises into your routine so that your metabolism boosts up.

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In a Nutshell

Different yoga doshas require a different approach when it comes to balancing them. What you should know is that everybody reacts differently to a particular set of conditions. Therefore, you should first understand how a Vata Pitta Kapha body works.

When you do so, you become more conscious of the things affecting a body or a mind. Moreover, understand the relationship between three yoga doshas so that you become aware of how one affects the other. This way, you won’t let one yoga dosha’s balance disrupt on the price of the other.

Over time, you earn enough knowledge to live a perfectly healthy and fit life.

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