How To Avoid DUI Charges After A Night Out?

DUI is like an epidemic in the USA. For instance, more than 200 people lost their lives because they were inebriated or were struck by a driver. Who was driving under the influence during New Year’s Eve and Christmas back in 2018? The same year, more than ten thousand people lost their lives nationwide due to DUI-related accidents.
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Hence, it is no surprise that the police departments of the USA are very strict when it comes to curbing DUI-related accidents by enforcing the law most strictly. This trend has both a positive and a negative side. The positive side is that people these days are more mindful about their behaviour when they are under the influence. The negative side is that the number of unjustified DUI charges against so-called ‘perpetrators’ increases each year.
So, what can the average Jane or Joe do to ensure they are steering clear from DUI charges?
Well, they can always follow the simple tips mentioned below –

Phone A Friend

One can always ensure that at least one person in their group won’t go down a single drop of alcohol to remain sober so that the person can act as the designated driver for the rest of the drunk group.
If that is not possible, one can always call a member of their family or colleague to come down to the restaurant or bar to give the drunk person a lift to their home, to a motel or a hotel. For more details about how a designated driver can help a person or group under the influence of alcohol steer clear from a DUI charge, one can visit the

One Should Never Drive A Vehicle When They Are Under The Influence

People often make the mistake of driving their car after a night out, citing that they have had ‘just one drink’ or are ‘sober enough’. It is a mistake.
One must remember that even one shot of whiskey or a glass of martini would be enough to reduce the person’s reaction time, thus increasing their chances of being in a car crash that can land them in the hospital or a jail cell.
Hence, whether one has had a shot or has downed a whole bottle, it is a wise move to avoid driving a car while drunk!

Taking A Cab To And From The Venue Of The Night Out Is A Winning Move

One can simply leave their car in the parking lot of the bar or the restaurant and book a cab so that they can head to their home, a hotel or a motel to sleep it off.


Another easy-to-follow and pretty effective tip that can allow a person to steer clear of a DUI charge after a night out is avoiding ‘sleeping their hangover off’ in their car. There have been instances where a person, after a night out, has been arrested by the police even when the person hasn’t driven their car a single mile after they walked out of a bar or restaurant inebriated. Such arrests are often based on circumstantial evidence such as keys in the ignition or a running engine as the person sleeping inside the car was feeling hot or cold. Unfortunately, good deeds seldom go unpunished; hence, the best step forward for a drunk person is to avoid sleeping in their car.

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