How to appeal to a younger demographic within your business

When running a business, you want to make sure that you are always bringing in new customers. Preferably, you’ll want to bring in younger customers because of the ever-growing appeal of engaging with those who could offer lifelong loyalty to your business. 

Naturally, you might be hesitant to bring in a younger audience due to the changes that you might have to implement to appeal to that younger demographic. However, there are certain things that you can do to rein them in and get them at least looking at your website, or following you on your social media, all things that help your business get seen by others in either their friend group or other social circles. 

#1 Advertise your business as one of the few that are actually taking steps to become greener

Advertising your business as an organization that makes a stand against climate change is something that younger people take very seriously. However, it is all well and good stating that you are against climate change, as so many businesses do, you actually have to do something about it too. 

This can mean swapping your advertising pamphlets for eco-friendly large format printing, which can help you still keep ‘business as usual’ and still work against climate change, which might help your cause. It might sound like something small, but in comparison to what so many companies do nowadays, even with the constant reminder threat of the world becoming inhospitable for humans in the next 100 years, if things don’t change, it can mean a lot. 

#2 Social media

Many young people nowadays are on social media. It is how they keep in contact with friends and family members, as well as how they discover new interests and stay inspired. As a result, so many companies have moved onto TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter to market their business to them. They jump on trends, talk about issues and share content about their business, which a younger audience finds informative and interesting. You might even use it to share personal information about your business, such as what it means to you, filming yourself fulfilling promises, and showing people that you ‘walk the talk’. This can be great for business, and it can also be a great way to boost your follower count potential number of customers, which is of vital importance to your business. 

#3 Train your staff and have a range of employees

If you have any staff, train them well. This is so important for bringing in new customers. If you train your staff about the issues that younger people face, such as homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of unjustified discrimination that should not be around in the 21st century. Knowing how to treat people and embracing, within your staff, people of multiple ethnicities, sexualities, and genders can help you appear like your business truly cares, which hopefully, it does. You should also embrace the method of zero-tolerance to harassment, whether that be of your workers or abuse from customers.

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