How to Access Setek Extender SE-01 Admin Dashboard?

Setek Extender SE-01

If you want to update the firmware of your Setek extender SE-01 then you need to access its settings. For that, you need to go to the Setek WiFi extender login page and then log in using the admin credentials. Once you are logged in, you will reach the admin dashboard wherein you will find the option to update your extender. This guide will walk you through the instructions to access the admin dashboard of your Setek extender so that you can go ahead and get its firmware updated to the latest version.

Steps to Access Setek Extender Admin Dashboard

Find below the step-by-step instructions to log in to your Setek wireless range extender:

Step 1: Connect Extender to Router

First things first, make the connection between the networking devices. By networking devices, we mean, the Setek extender SE-01 and the host router. Although you must have done this task already, we want to mention it here so as to provide all the login steps.

Thus get hold of an Ethernet cable (RJ-45) and use it to make a solid connection between the two devices. Be very certain to use the right ports on both devices. You need to use the Internet port on the extender and the LAN port on the router. Cross check the connectivity once you are done.

Step 2: Switch On Devices

In the further step, you need to switch on your devices. Insert the power adapter of the router into the wall socket and switch it on. Do the same with the extender SE-01 as well.

You need to be sure that the devices receive a consistent power supply from their wall sockets. To get this confirmed, have a good look at the power cables and the wall socket too.

Step 3: Connect PC to the Network

It is now time you switch on your PC. Put to use a laptop or desktop as per the availability. If it is the laptop, consider charging it first before logging in, so that the process does not get halted due to low battery. Right after the PC is powered up, connect it to the extender’s WiFi. You can also use an Ethernet cable here.

Step 4: Visit the IP Address

Now, launch an internet browser on it. Consider updating it to avoid any login issues. Also, delete its cache and cookies.

In the address field of an updated browser, key in the default IP address Make zero typing mistakes while entering the IP address. Most users commit typing errors and get stuck in the login process. Hence, double check the entrée and then press the Enter key.

Step 5: Input Admin Credentials

You will be navigated to the login page of your Setek WiFi range extender SE-01. In the password field, key in the admin password value and click Login. The password needs to be typed with care. Use the default password if you haven’t changed it yet. Check that the caps lock key is disabled.

You are now logged in to your Setek SE-01 and have reached its admin dashboard. You can now get the firmware of your Setek extender updated to the most recent version.

You need to be very careful while getting your extender updated. Consider referring to the Setek SE-01 manual to learn about the correct instructions for firmware update. We are so particular about updates because committing silly mistakes may hinder the firmware update process.

The Closing Note

We are putting a full stop to our helpful guide about how to log in to your Setek SE-01 wireless range extender to reach its settings. Apart from updating the firmware, you can manage all the settings of your device from here. We recommend you use the same steps carefully every time you want to make any modifications to the settings of your device to avoid any issues.

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